Paymetric, Inc: Standard For Excellence in Secure Integrated Payments and Data Security

Processing electronic payments outside of the standard workflow introduces risk and inefficiencies for Oracle merchants, states Asif Ramji, CEO, Paymetric.

Leading Oracle enterprise businesses seek an efficient, seamlessly integrated, safe and affordable way to accept credit cards, eChecks and other electronic payment methods within Oracle E-Business Suite in order to automate payment acceptance for sales orders and invoices. Paymetric’sXiPay for Oracle E-Business Suite provides a world-class secure integrated payment solution for Oracle clients. Paymetric has over 15 years’ experience delivering secure payment solutions for enterprise clients.

Paymetric XiPay® for Oracle E-Business Suite is a SaaS-based, multi-tenant platform that facilitates credit and debit card acceptance, processes eChecks/ACH payments, offers multi-currency payment methods and enables fraud scoring and reporting services.

The cost effective XiPay platform enables Oracle merchants to fully integrate and secure electronic payment transactions from their Oracle enterprise systems, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, without the upfront expense of purchasing and maintaining additional hardware and software.

Electronic payment transactions originating from Oracle E-Business Suite across the globe are transmitted securely to the XiPay platform for authorization and settlement. Behind the scenes, Paymetric works with the merchant to ensure payment transactions are integrated tightly and securely with system workflows that support order-to-cash and collections processes. The result is end-to-end automation that streamlines and secures all payment transactions anywhere payments are accepted.

Merchants that store credit card numbers onsite are subject to an increased risk of a breach and are accountable for meeting the Payment Card Industry Data and Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements. Finding secure and cost-effective solutions to meet these requirements can be a difficult, costly task and can result in irreparable brand damage and financial loss if not implemented correctly.

XiSecure® for Oracle E-Business Suite is Paymetric’s award-winning tokenization solution. It eliminates the transmission and storage of sensitive cardholder data, dramatically improving data security and reducing PCI audit scope and cost.

How does it work?
The solution intercepts credit card numbers entered into an Oracle merchant’s systems and environments and replaces credit card numbers with a surrogate value or token. The encrypted card number is stored off-site in Paymetric’s secure, PCI-compliant data vault. This token is used just as if it were the real card to support customer requests and facilitate reporting without interrupting day-to-day operations.


  1. Significant decrease in scope and cost of a PCI DSS audit
  2. Reduces risk associated with a data breach
  3. Accelerated time to PCI compliance
  4. Increased security and protection of brand reputation
  5. Eliminates processor lock-in, allowing Oracle merchants freedom of processor choice and transition
  6. Works seamlessly and is tightly integrated with XiPay for Oracle E-Business Suite, allowing over 6,000 Oracle merchants a single solution suite with best-in-class payment acceptance and tokenization technology integration

Paymetric is the standard for excellence in secure integrated payments for enterprise clients. Paymetric’s commitment to world-class service and product innovation will continue to fuel the business for greater success in the years to come. Paymetric’s tremendous success is a result of the team’s relentless pursuit for excellence, innovation and overall best-in-class client experience. The world’s leading enterprise businesses continue to choose Paymetric each year as a result of their dedicated focus in these areas.

Paymetric solves a mission critical problem with payment workflow optimization and data security. Executives should continually look for market opportunities to provide high value solutions with demonstrated return on investment metrics.With Paymetric’s recent Oracle validated integration certification, Oracle merchants can have the confidence and peace of mind when choosing Paymetric to enable payment acceptance and tokenization of sensitive data everywhere they do business.


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