OnwardPath Technology Solutions LLC: Focused on Oracle WebCenter Integration Services

OnwardPath is an Oracle Gold Partner and they provide Systems Integration Services for Oracle WebCenter Suite product. Oracle WebCenter is one of the industry leading Portal and Content Management product. Oracle WebCenter is a feature rich product that can transform the culture and productivity of customers organization both internally and externally.

OnwardPath is a leading Systems Integrator for Oracle WebCenter solutions. Their Architects and Developers posses several years of hands-on experience on all Oracle WebCenter Suite of products such as Oracle WebCenter Portal, Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Sites. Their technical team is capable of delivering end-to-end WebCenter solutions to small, medium and large enterprises including government organizations.

The expert team at OnwardPath have implemented Systems Integration services for new installations of Oracle WebCenter and also performed migration services where they have migrated large volume of content from legacy and other content management systems into Oracle WebCenter Content. They have successfully implemented upgrade projects where they upgraded Oracle WebCenter product and infrastructure from earlier version to the latest version. This experience gives OnwardPath a unique advantage when dealing with technical issues that are common in such projects.

At OnwardPath they understand the changes in the information sharing landscape and they prepare their clients to meet the challenge by using Oracle WebCenter Suite products.

OnwardPath recently upgraded and redesigned the Intranet of a nationally ranked academic medical center hospital in the Mid West region. The hospital provides a total of 894 inpatient beds and encompasses more than 3 million square feet of medical building space. Virtually every medical specialty is represented by the over 1,600 physicians on the medical staff who also carry faculty appointments. This implementation involved Oracle WebCenter Portal, Content, Sites, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search and the focus was connecting employees and information – powering social business.

The upgrade involved migrating content, group spaces, security and portal objects from a previous version of Oracle WebCenter Content and Portal to the latest version of the product. The redesign involved integration of WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Sites which is not available out of the box.

The three most important value addition OnwardPath offers to its customers are
Guidance – All their implementation projects involves closely working with the client before, during and after the systems integration project.

Quality – OnwardPath’s team is extensively experienced in implementing Oracle WebCenter Solutions. WebCenter implementation typically involves several technical issues that only an experienced WebCenter expert is able to resolve.

Cost – OnwardPath’s onsite and offshore capabilities allows them to provide cost benefit advantage to their customers.

Moving forward OnwardPath will stay focused on providing Systems Integration services for Oracle WebCenter customers. The organization’s experience implementing Oracle WebCenter solutions gives them the unique opportunity to understand what additional functionalities Oracle WebCenter customers will benefit from. As a leading WebCenter Systems integrator they are committed to bridging the gaps in the usability aspects of WebCenter Content and Portal. In August 2015 they will be launching a product “SmartEdit” that is going to improve some of the front-end capabilities of Oracle WebCenter. SmartEdit will be available for free for select customers during the beta launch.

Consulting services companies, especially in the Technology sector need to spend on training, observes Pandyan Ramar . OnwardPath’s policy is to have every employee attend one training program every year.

The second most important aspect that a vibrant solutions/consulting company need to focus is understanding the clients requirements,” says Ramar.

According to Ramar, Executives who encourage open information sharing are in the right direction to take their organizations to the next level up.


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