Onix: Empowering Organizations Through Google For Work

Businesses strive to maintain a fine balance between budget and the cost of innovation and collaboration. Companies require a consultancy to successfully evaluate their pain points and provide them with the best solutions to take their businesses forward. These are the kind of client issues that Onix addresses and resolves. Onix delivers a portfolio of top notch cloud computing products and services to help solve business challenges.

Onix is a Premier Google Partner, and offers Google Apps for Work, Google Cloud Platform, Google Chrome, Google Search for Work and Google Maps for Work. The company also provides business transformation, cloud architecture and migration services, custom application development, product development, managed services, support and strategy to support the products. Onix has specialized expertise in the manufacturing, retail, media and education markets as well as state and local governments, the US federal government, and the Canadian government.

Onix has worked with Google since 2001. Since then, the company has been at the top of its game by providing solutions that have transformed businesses, and by undertaking security auditing, change management and custom app development. However, the feather in their cap has been their Google services – Google Apps migration and deployment, Google Chrome enterprise deployment and the provision of Internet of Things expertise through Google solutions.

A focus for Onix and its customers is business transformation. Onix runs “transformation labs,” a participatory lab environment at the customer’s site to:

  • Draw out inspiration for improvement from process owners
  • Identify specific pain points that are holding back improvement
  • Re-engineer processes using creative and innovative solutions that address the pain
  • Brainstorm, prototype and iterate the exact process to create a standard that can be used to establish a culture of continuous improvement.

Customers have identified and implemented sustainable, ongoing improvements by working through Onix’s business transformation process.

Onix is laser focused on customer satisfaction and was named Google’s North American Apps Partner of the Year 2015.

Over the years, Onix has built a loyalty among its customers thanks to the multiple benefits that the company brings to the table. Apart from being credited for deploying some of the largest and most complex Google projects, Onix is lauded for 24x7x365 technical support, collaborative consulting expertise and the world-class global training that it provides.

Being hyper-focused on customer needs, requirements and satisfaction has helped the organization as a whole to succeed. Team members trust in and rely on each other to deliver high quality work, which results in the company’s high level of customer satisfaction. The team is currently spread across the United States and Canada, with its headquarters situated in Ohio.

Some of the recent achievements of the company include being named Google’s North American Apps Partner of the Year 2015, Operations and Deployment Partner of the Year (Americas) in 2014 and Global Partner of the Year for Search in 2012 and 2013. Talkin’ Cloud has listed Onix (www.onixnet.com) among the Top 100 Cloud Services Providers globally.

The company continues to invest in growing its custom application development and product development teams, which focus on building business applications on the Google platform using App Engine, Compute Engine and the multitude of Google solutions available in the cloud.

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