Nexus Global Business Solutions Inc: Focusing On Clients’ Needs With Quality Niche APM Solutions

“The most important thing SAP will face is a guarantee of improved security as more and more devices connect via the cloud,’’ thinks Larry Olson, President / CEO, Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. He also points out that the discovery and awareness of Internet of Things (IoT) is on the forefront. What can be connected is almost limitless. Larry outlines some of the challenges before SAP customers:

A) Resources – Implementation requires a substantial financial investment, leaving little funding for proper training
B) Deployment – The majority of go-live cutover dates are fixed regardless of whether people are ready (trained) or processes are aligned to the system (SAP)
C) User Experience – SAP is a complex tool for, at times, a simple task
D) Navigation – Most tasks require too many mouse clicks to get where you need to go
E) Integration – Process map does not exist or is not properly mapped to the system (SAP)

Nexus Global has developed innovative steps to enhance their SAP platforms and ultimately accelerate performance with SAP solutions. This includes assessment of SAP utilization and functionality, competency / gap review between the system & user skills and abilities, integration of 3rd party applications, and improving the user experience to assure the system is a value added element of the working environment.

As a result, Nexus Global’s comprehensive suite of APM (Asset Performance Management) solutions have enabled enterprises to transform, enhance, and optimize their business processes. The company has mapped a work management process to SAP PM to assure status codes can be used to bring accountability to each step of the process, resulting in improved compliance to preventive maintenance and improved reliability. A cross applications process was also used to align capacity planning for maintenance activity. “We developed a means to measure the process steps and performance with the use of status codes, hence allowing the output measures to perform without manipulation. This helps to put the focus on the real issue as opposed to manipulation of KPIs to make someone happy,” Olson adds. Nexus Global was able to optimize the use of Work Centers to focus on accountability and deliver work order operations with improved compliance to safety, asset integrity, and reliability.

The core elements that define Nexus Global’s approach:

  • Taking a customer-centric view of the project
  • Attacking the client’s problem area with a simplistic, but sustainable solution
  • Keeping things simple
  • Partnering with the client to assure mutual understanding and concern
  • Collaborating with the client to develop a team solution

Olson believes there is a continued need to be a boutique solutions provider. “The big consulting firms get lost in supplying people, but we focus on our clients’ needs as a quality niche APM solutions specialist. Being a niche provider does not necessarily isolate us, but puts us in a position to have a personal connection with our clients and gain a clearer understanding of their concerns. Being available to a client at a personal level is becoming more and more important, and of course delivering results with a high ROI,’’ he adds.

Be personal, be consistent, act with integrity, and most of all provide rapid results! This is Larry’s philosophy for creating a vibrant company. According to him, executives will need to understand how to develop a structured, disciplined approach that includes context and content with proven sustainability. At Nexus Global, Larry is bringing this to the forefront.


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