Nexenta Systems, Inc – Enhancing Performance and Productivity

Established almost a decade ago, Nexenta has gone on to become a global leader of Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage, better known as OpenSDS. The organization has a customer base that scales to 6000+, and to match that, a whopping 1,200 petabytes of storage under its management. It has had a successful run so far with 400+ partners and 33+ patents under its belt. With so much to its credit, how has Nexenta dealt with the common challenges that any Cisco customers are typically prone to? Data growth and data management, accompanied by budgets that are constantly downsized and security and compliance requirements, the list of challenges faced by Cisco customers is endless.

Nexenta’s integration policy is defined by a software-only “Open Source” collaboration with Cisco hardware-centric “Software-Defined Storage” innovation. This ensures that the client organizations are not endangered by the threat of vendor lock-in. Hence, the true benefits of this Software-Defined Everything-centric Cloud Computing can be reaped from data centers to end users, and from infrastructure to apps.

Several globally well-known organizations have benefitted from the services provided by Nexenta, which have been characterized by cost efficiency as well as top notch performance.

A leading service provider and hosting company in the United States has testified to having saved millions of dollars per year after they replaced their existing traditional and inefficient storage systems with Nexenta. In Canada, a top higher education institution relies on Nexenta and Cisco to bring a cost effective and higher performance storage platform serving thousands of students.

Nexenta owes its major share of success to its comprehensive suite of software, services and support, which have already been validated by satisfied customers across the globe. Apart from that, these software-defined storage solutions have been validated on Cisco hardware and systems. Another factor that seems to impress clients is the enterprise value on scale-up and scale-out storage solutions.

The organization understands that the key to its growth is to maintain an open dialog with their customers, both through direct contact as well as through digital tools and communities. Nexenta makes use of social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn to communicate with their followers and influencers. Enhancing performance and productivity through their services provided is what the organization claims to strive for at all times.

Global market estimates predict that storage will account for roughly 10% of total enterprise IT spending, which translates into a $3 trillion market. Organizations have already begun phasing out their traditional technologies, and replacing them with ones that more effectively address current real-world problems. This accounts for a data growth of 30-40% per year in most organizations, according to Gartner. In such a scenario, more than double the amount of storage would be required every three years. This is where Nexenta has managed to gain a strong foothold by successfully managing the large amount of data with optimum cost effectiveness.

In the current year, Nexenta has lined up certain exciting Cisco products for clients to look forward to – a product that will focus on customer service and solutions, the Cisco UCS product line, and Software-Defined Storage. Nexenta plans to dominate the market by improving their understanding of competitor offerings and keeping its team at par with the best in the world, if not better. Further, Nexenta has been aggressively employing digital marketing strategies to improve awareness of both the SDS category as well as of the brand itself.


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