More4Apps: ‘Out Of The Box’ End User Solutions for Oracle EBS integration

One of the major challenges Oracle customers face is getting data into their E-Business Suite (EBS)in a timely manner. The standard user interface provided by Oracle is fine for some data elements however they are not designed to load large amounts of data. There are various means in which to mass load data but they are usually custom solutions where continuous input from the IT department is required and therefore not true end user solutions. The customers want to empower their end users and that is where More4Apps come in with their Excel based software.

Once a customer has made contact with More4Apps, their pre sales and support teams work with said customer and their scenarios to help provide solutions to their problems. The company’s pre-sales team is made up entirely of ex-Oracle consultants or IT managers from fortune 500 companies, so they are a great resource to bounce the clients’ various challenges off. In many cases More4App’s presales and support teams have seen or been involved in exactly the same problem in the past. Along with them they have a development team featuring people with 10+ years of Oracle experience.The Partners in this company are all former Oracle consultants and also have extensive experience with Oracle software. The company’s developers and support teams are all highly trained and experts in their respective areas of Oracle to ensure they are able to sustainably offer the best service and solutions.

The solutions developed by More4Apps have enabled enterprises to transform, enhance and optimize their business processes. One such example is Centric Group.

Centric Group – Providers of consumable products to prisons and hotels, discovered as they began their end-user testing cycle the length of time required to update the price data in Oracle. The pricing staff were less than impressed and the project was nearly derailed. They looked at designing and building a solution themselves and realised that the time, effort and complexity involved was just too much. Once the users were introduced to More4Apps’s Price List Wizard things changed pretty quickly. What was an onerous task was turned into a simple job lasting only a few hours, instead of days.

More4App’s27 (and growing range of) products are not customised options but pre-built. They are ‘out of the box’ end-user solutions, which are excellent alternatives to expensive and resource-heavy custom programming. A focused team of solutions providers, More4Apps are committed to empowering Oracle end-users, allowing them to maximise their use of Oracle EBS.

More4Apps currently have their own staff and offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, with their Head Office in New Zealand; they are further represented well in Mainland Europe and Asia. Moving forward, over the next 4-5 years the company will be represented in South America, Asia, China, and the Middle East.


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