Advanced Business Mind Mapping Software with MindManager Enterprise

Mindjet: Advanced Business Mind Mapping with MindManager Enterprise

Mindjet’s best-selling MindManager mind mapping software helps Microsoft customers deal with the three most common struggles they face today:

Capturing ideas in an intuitive way

Our customers tell us that they frequently start projects by brainstorming ideas on a whiteboard or blank sheet of paper, because they can think more freely than when they try to organize their thoughts into the list format provided by Word or Excel. “They want a way to simulate this white boarding approach without having to re-enter everything later,” says Scott Raskin, CEO.

Structuring information for others to access

Elaborating on this, Raskin says, “This appears to be a pretty common problem, whether customers are using SharePoint or other folder-based systems. When folders are nested within folders within folders, it’s hard for anyone other than the person who created those folders to know what’s where. This comes up a lot in HR departments, where they want to make it easy for new employees to find onboarding and benefits information. “It’s also a challenge as workers change jobs or retire, and need to pass on their files (and knowledge) to others”.

Planning Projects

Our customers tell us that Microsoft Project is the best tool for managing projects, but that they need a better way to do the up-front work of validating requirements and getting alignment on assignments and schedules,” says Raskin.

Mindjet has been a Microsoft partner for many years. They offer a unique solution for Microsoft SharePoint alongside their mind mapping software, and so have a wealth of hands-on experience in this area.

Their MindManager mapping software integrates with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and offers a “virtual whiteboard” for brainstorming ideas, organizing information, and identifying priorities. Over 2 million people globally use MindManager to organize content that is then presented using Microsoft Word and Excel.

The software also includes project-planning tools that enable project managers to gather and validate requirements in a visual format that enhances understanding and decision-making. Project plans created and validated in MindManager can be exported to Microsoft Project for implementation management. Mindjet MindManager Enterprise enables the creation of visual, annotated information maps within Microsoft SharePoint. These information maps structure complex information in a format that makes it easy for anyone in the organization to find what they need.

By installing MindManager Enterprise software on company’s Microsoft SharePoint servers, users can create and share visual project plans and create easy-to-navigate information maps that make it easy for anyone with SharePoint access to find what they’re looking for.
Users can also use MindManager via the Windows desktop or within the SharePoint browser to create information maps that consolidate files stored across SharePoint sites, as well as other content repositories and on the web. Organizing information by project, department, or topic makes it easy for SharePoint users to quickly find the information they need to get work done.

“We’re anticipating 2015 to be another big growth year for us, and are very excited to introduce further innovation with our MindManager Enterprise mind mapping,” says Raskin. “Enterprise companies need better solutions for project management and collaboration, and we offer one that integrates with a lot of existing tools in the Microsoft suite.”

Raskin believes that companies need to invest in research and development every single day. They do this for the MindManager mapping software, which has resulted in fifteen iterations of the Windows product and 6 issued patents, with 8 more pending. Catering to diversity is also important to constitute a healthy atmosphere within the organization. They offer hundreds of mind mapping templates that can be used for project management, business marketing, event planning, editorial calendars, and the endless other needs of various industries all over the world.

Talking about the ways in which executives can contribute to the growth of the company, Raskin says, “We can’t emphasize enough the value of research & Development. We have teams across the globe, including large teams in Germany and the US; we’ve also established a strong presence in most major European countries. We think it’s important to be close to our customers, and be able to help them in their local language with cultural expectations in mind. Investing in innovation is also critical, whether you’re developing mapping software or the next big app.”

According to Raskin, Mindjet’s Microsoft customers are excited about the integration possibilities. Microsoft makes it incredibly easy for people to use tools like Word and PowerPoint along with software like MindManager, so they’re always covered when it comes all their business and project planning needs.

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