Minacs: Influencing Customer Behavior Through the Use of Multi-Channel Marketing Tactics

Most businesses have plenty of customer data but lack the direction to effectively organize and understand its true value. Even after data is sorted and analyzed, it is another challenge to determine how best to apply the data to create actionable solutions. Solutions providers play a pivotal role in helping companies decipher their data, understand their customers, and maximize the return on investment for their marketing campaigns.

Minacs provides cloud-based Digital, Telematics and Direct marketing solutions, with a number of the solutions that have a primary focus on CRM. They design multi-channel marketing campaigns aimed at influencing customer behavior. As a basic step toward providing the right solution, Minacs’ analysts first work hand-in-hand with the client to ensure they clearly understand the requirements of the business. The solution is then customized based on these findings and— after combining them with the right analytical models—actionable solutions are provided.

The solutions provided by Minacs help their clients manage their branding and marketing capabilities effectively. These customized marketing programs help to manage Customer Retention and Acquisition, Customer Loyalty, IT and Database, Digital Marketing and more. Focusing each solution on brand consistency helps the client optimize their campaigns, creating a unified message across multiple channels. Once the right campaigns are chosen, they can be tracked and their effectiveness can be measured with extensive detail through robust reporting capabilities. Minacs’ dashboard provides visualizations of campaign metrics, giving the client a clear understanding and the ability to review and manage campaign efforts in real-time.

The years of trust that Minacs (www.minacsmarketing.com) has built with their clients finds its roots in the experience and culture that the company has created for their employees. The company encourages all departments to work on innovations and new ideas that help improve the quality of the solutions they provide. Employees are also provided with the freedom and support to make important decisions everyday–which helps them to grow as professionals. Employees are encouraged to bond and interact with each other, even outside the workplace through a multitude of events that are held throughout the year.

Furthering their dedication to their employees, the Minacs NOW program was launched in 2015. “We at Minacs have seen people grow and outperform by going beyond their own limitations when provided with the right inspiration and opportunity. We want to empower our female employees and mentor them to grow into leadership roles. Minacs NOW aims to create opportunities for the women of Minacs and attract the next generation of leaders.” said Anil Bhalla, CEO of Minacs. This worldwide initiative aims to inform, inspire and influence the female staff of Minacs, which constitutes 42% of the company’s total workforce. This community of dynamic, intelligent and accomplished women in various positions in the company help cultivate leadership skills, imbibe best practices, advance personal growth, and improve career networking opportunities.

In recent years, Minacs has won several awards and earned recognition within the industry. In 2015, Minacs was honored with the Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership Award in the Automotive Sector for Contact Center Outsourcing in North America. While in 2014, the company’s association with Hyundai Motor America earned it the Silver Stevie for Outbound Campaign of the Year, specifically for the Hyundai Hope on Wheels campaign. The company hopes to maintain this level of success by encouraging their employees to incorporate new, cutting-edge technology in each deliverable they provide to their clients.

As for the foreseeable future in business, Minacs plans to continue expansion in its workforce by finding and hiring new talented individuals in order to grow the business. The company also aims to keep their focus on officially launching their advanced IoT platform, using their powerful Aurora GenC software solution, as part of expansion of their product and service offerings.


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