Migrate, transform and scale up with SAP

The global business landscape is evolving and our day-to-day activities are going the digital way. Today, clients have new requirements for business which include leveraging innovations that harmonize with their business models. Locating the right services is turning into a noteworthy detour for firms that also seek to invest in new and emerging technology strategically. However, this is a crucial activity for today’s global businesses. Top providers are essential for long-term competitive advantage.

Acclimating to the ever-changing environment of innovation and internet is a central business challenge and customers often find contention instead of well-defined and leading solutions. Of late, numerous, hospitals pharmaceutical firms, retail, consumer products and other enterprise organizations have opted for a transformation strategy. In this period of change Herrington Technology plays a key role as a sophisticated provider to these types of business transformations. Herrington Technology is committed to providing the best services and advanced technology designed to meet the demanding business objectives of their clients.

Herrington Technology was founded by Valery Herrington when the world faced the worst economic recession in decades. The firm now operates in a dynamic market space with crucial, industry-leading advanced technology products and solutions that require exceptional capabilities to deploy.

Herrington Technology offers highly specialized options to customers with an established, advanced technology capability which is rare and leading edge. Other capabilities that customers experience include:

An eminently practical customer centric delivery model tailored for advanced technology delivery and customer success.

Sophisticated one-stop brand label solutions that fit with rapid deployment transformation models and include must-have services for timely integration. This plays particularly well with organizations that have emerging, hybrid or complex operations.

Several of the most noteworthy Herrington Technology brand competitive advantage points for customers running SAP include:

Solid implementation of the Herrington Technology’s brand label customer centric methodology which is designed to enrich the customer’s return on investment, enhances the overall results to greater levels and cultivates a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Herrington Technology offers customers highly specialized options with an established, advanced technology capability that is uniquely competitive and leading edge

Enabling customer business operations to run at increased and successfully transformed levels. This is at the core of the Herrington Technology delivery which is attains better
amplification of forward-thinking and advanced technology delivery process.

Herrington Technology’s brand label, new add-on support for SAP solutions is positioned for all businesses running SAP or seeking to “step up” to the SAP ERP platform and digital core.

  • Providing the customers with the required competitive advantage, they need during crucial stages of transformation, migration or reorganization.
    Enabling the customer to transition to their optimal business productivity frontier for greater success.
  • Access to PCAAS© which is a new Herrington Technology proprietary pre certification as a service. It’s more like body armor for your business. What’s more, it merges with traditional audit, certifications, cyber security and digital security level new standards.
    Business running SAP can easily take advantage of PCAAS© and benefit from this powerful in-house solution.
  • A robust asset transition model with remarkable Herrington Technology “credits” designed to customers’ bounce from the transition to scale-up effectively. It empowers customers to transform more efficiently and realize faster gains from maintenance and housekeeping cycles that are difficult to manage.
  • One of the premier products available through Herrington Technology is the distinctive SAP Hotel for Business One software suite. This suite is positioned for the hotel industry. The software provides hotels with the best ERPs encircling hotel operations solution. This enables the hotels to serve their guests with advanced and rapid turn-around experience and amenities expected by today’s demanding travelers. All sizes and types of hotels can use the SAP Hotel for Business One ERP software suite for operational and competitive advantage.
  • A unique Trusted Advisor delivery model is built into the Herrington Technology brand. This includes professional services and platform integration delivery. It includes a highly customized and pre-defined model based on over 30 years of successful industry leading advanced technology expertise.

Herrington Technology trusted advisor include a well-certified and highly qualified go-to advisor capability for enterprise projects across many industries. Tailored advisory services from Herrington Technology is essential to challenging systems integration and business transformations requiring rapid pace in a guided path.

Herrington Technology has consistently led the curve to the SAP HANA and S/4HANA (certified partner for sale and deployment) platforms and is nicely positioned to provide software and advisory services for the overall revolution of business in this digital world.

Herrington Technology is proud to be an early advisor and SAP partner expert with certifications for delivering the SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA enterprise in memory and digital core platform to customers. SAP S/4HANA and digital core are industry “game changers”.

Customers will be excited to know that in addition to the preceding capabilities new ones will be available soon. Ongoing implementation of new innovations, advanced technology system integration, and new aspects of transformational deployments are several of the top future priorities in process at Herrington Technology.

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