Marand: Building Better Solutions For Customers

Looking at healthcare, where their focus is, Marand believes healthcare is starting to realise that the real value of IT is not in applications but data. Good data is the key to improving outcomes, managing chronic disease and especially enabling population health management, observes Tomaz Gornik, CEO. And further, this data must be kept and accessed for the lifetime of the patient. This brings many challenges to current IT systems, since they are not designed for data outliving the application. When a change of application occurs (usually every 7-10 years), it is not uncommon to lose the historical data and start fresh with a new system. So it is becoming clear that the storage of clinical data should become independent of the application – i.e. vendor-independent.

This has already happened in imaging where PACS systems follow standards making images accessible regardless of the system that produced them. Marand believes the same thing has to happen with all structured clinical data. And this is what their Think!EHR Platform provides – a vendor neutral structured health data repository.

What is interesting is that Marand has had longstanding partnerships with many of the companies Oracle acquired over the years like BEA and Sun. Hence they have a very good understanding of the products and technologies including hardware and software that now make up the Engineered Systems. Also important, they have more than 20 years of experience delivering solutions in both telecommunications and healthcare. And lastly, they now have a set of products which have been build to work well with the Oracle stacks.

In telecommunications, Marand have delivered CRM, billing and Product Lifecycle Management solutions to Telekom Slovenia. This suite of products enables Telekom Slovenia to launch new services, manage and bill for them in a matter of weeks, thus reducing the time to market by a factor of five. In today’s competitive environment, this is a key requirement for success as a communications service provider.

Cambio, the largest hospital information system provider in Sweden, is deploying Think!EHR Platform for clinical decision support. By normalizing clinical data using Marand’s platform, they can roll out the same application across their customer base, significantly reducing integration costs and time to market.

Their largest customer is the the City Moscow with a city wide deployment of Think!EHR Platform for managing health data of it’s 12 million citizens. And just recently, Marand joined forces with NHS England, offering an open source in-hospital Medication Management solution build on top of Think!EHR Platform to several trusts in the UK.

The major advantage Marand bring to the customers is their leading edge products and the knowledge and experience of their employees. They are an engineering company at heart and have always pushed the limits of IT technology. They have gained considerable domain knowledge in their two verticals, so they have a good understanding of the challenges their customer are facing and how to overcome them.

Moving forward Tomaz is now focused on expanding Marand’s ecosystem of partners that offers interoperable, best-of-breed solutions based on a common data platform.

“We are a product/solutions company. Our future depends on our ability to develop great products, generate customer demand and build a network of implementation partners. Our challenge is executing on our vision in these three areas. It’s that simple,” says Tomaz.

According to Tomaz, Executives need to guide their companies through these paradigm shifts which are affecting all industries. They need to take advantage of digital business which enables them to compete on the global stage thus fuelling growth.

The four trends affecting all business: mobile, social, cloud and big data. These are the buzz words and Oracle focusing on these as well is reassuring. The customers are excited about products like Oracle Cloud, Engineered Systems and Big Data Analytics, observes Tomaz.


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