Lava Protocols: Scaling Through Strategic Partnerships & Innovative Business Practices.

Taking pride in assisting customers achieve their objectives by guiding them on how to move quicker, think differently and work smarter, Lava Protocols has surpassed its competitors with its innovative practices.

In less than a decade, it has accomplished a long list of achievements which includes moving into the mobile space, expanding its product offering, amplifying its already impressive customer base to eight countries which includes Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Brunei and Switzerland as well as attracting talent from a global platform.

The Lava Group has also grown its capabilities through its creative subsidiary arm, Lava Media and its web and mobile technology arm, Lava Labs. Lava Media is a digital marketing agency with the sole aim of helping you to engage with your customers through insights, technology and creativity whereas Lava Labs redefines businesses by bringing customers the best of mobile and web application technology.

An Ideal Technology Business Collaborator

Lava’s team of certified consultants works with its customers to understand their objectives and pain points to create a transformation blueprint based on best practices and industry examples to redesign the customer’s business process into a smarter and more efficient one. The digital architect firm works towards delivering top results with out-of-the-box strategy that has been thought through rather than purely delivering a checklist of to-do tasks.

With years of experience, it understands that a successful implementation is a result of well executed user adoption and change management. Lava goes above and beyond to achieve this with its in-house customer success team. Lava has given results desired by providing customizations and custom development to deliver unique offerings to its customers as well as integrating implementations with existing legacy systems and solutions.

But what truly makes Lava Protocols a success is its end-to-end delivery team that gives customers an open channel access to communicate with the entire team and not just the assigned Project Manager. In addition to this, the team has also been praised on their efficient response time and high quality of work.

Lava works towards delivering the best results by giving customers a thought through out-of-the-box strategy rather than purely delivering on a checklist of to-do tasks

Strategic Partners with Industry Leaders

Not only is Lava known for its stellar performance in the last decade but its credibility, expertise and proven track record year after year in implementing, extending and connecting cloud applications and platforms has landed it to partner with technology giants such as Salesforce and Google.

CEO of Lava Protocols

An engineer by profession, Lava’s CEO, Andrew Thomas, has broad technical and business experience spanning over 20 years across APAC. Andrew joined Gopi Ganesalingam, the founder of Lava Protocols ( as a shareholder in 2008, when Lava had only just concluded its maiden year.

Lava ensures that its employees stay up-to-date with all the current technology advancements in their relevant fields by attending ongoing webinars and focusing on internal training to expand their skillsets. Employees at Lava remain motivated due to the management’s innovative, high performance culture practices, ‘open door’ and forward thinking mentality within the organization, as well as fun and creative employee-uplifting initiatives which are carried out on a weekly basis.

While the traditional market poses barriers such as huge initial investment and lack of availability of custom applications, Lava Protocols with the advantage offered by cloud such as affordability and constant creation of innovative solutions continues to scale through strategic partnerships and innovative business practices.


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