Using Automated Iconixx Compensation Management

Iconixx: Empowering Customers to Design and Test New Compensation Programs

Countless companies continue to endure manual compensation management, time consuming and error prone operations to maintain critical compensation management programs that directly impact their most valuable, expensive, revenue-generating resources…but WHY?In a technology driven world, we must recognize the empirical benefits of automating sales commission and compensation management.

A variety of issues arise from manual compensation management, challenges that negatively impact revenue and your company culture. These include (but are not limited to): lack of compliance, zero real-time visibility into individual and team performance, as well as hampered payout accuracy.

The Iconixx solution delivers visibility across your enterprise, providing insight to product, team, territory, and individual production.

Iconixx ( solves matters related to manual compensation management with an all-inclusive solution, which automates the most multifarious of programs by leveraging a best in class, native-cloud solution.

Business leaders must consider:

  • Real-time performance insight is an imperative, not only for leadership, but for sales professionals and management too. The Iconixx solution delivers visibility across your enterprise, providing insight to product, team, territory, and individual production.
  • You have a responsibility to create and maintain a respectful, trustworthy and loyal company culture. Payout errors are devastating and will continue to persist with manual operations.Take the vital step to invest in comp automation, and protect those who invest and deliver for your company.

The all-inclusive Iconixx platform supplies sales commission, incentive and merit functions, designed with your program(s) in mind. From Fortune 500 to small & medium businesses, all use the Iconixx solution to automate compensation programs.

Are you considering enhanced, strategic, corporate aligned sales commission and incentive programs?
Iconixx empowers customers with the ability to design and test new compensation programs in a modeling environment. By leveraging your data, customers receive true business analytics to make data-driven decisions.

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” Sam Walton

No more assumptions! No more shadow-accounting and misaligned expectations!No more manual errors or over/under payments!

  • Motivate your sales teams with real-time performance progress against their quotas and enable these revenue-generating beasts to focus on generating new business and happy customers, with confidence you have their back on payday.
  • Inform management with a clear picture of sales and product performance.
  • Empower finance with a solution to simplify the compensation management process. From more standard commissions programs to complex processes which may require high exception management (splits, spiffs, claw-backs, etc.).

Expand your competitive advantage with real-world results and measurable ROI.

Iconixx customers have reported the following outcomes within the first 12-months following automation:

  • Excess of 90% reduction of manual efforts and errors
  • 28% increase in sales quota attainment
  • 32% decrease in sales turnover

This easy to scale solution, enables customers to add payees as needed, without dependency of license keys or contacting a support desk. Iconixx grows with your business, offering transparent and competitive subscription rates, with no limitations of users or transactions.

The Iconixx source-system agnostic platform is your aggregate layer for all data related to compensation, which is usually housed in a variety of siloed systems. Iconixx remains a customer-focused software firm, always dedicated to your success.

Customers receive a dedicated Activation team to ensure expeditious automation of comp programs. Following Activation, Iconixx provides a dedicated Support team to each customer (a consistent team familiar with your programs and people).

As Iconixx continues to quickly grow, our culture remains collaborative, positive and educational cross-department; launching the Iconixx Centre of Excellence which serves both Iconixx resources and customers alike as a valuable resource for training, research/support, industry best practices, and access to the compensation industry’s finest talent.

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