Huddle: Cloud Collaboration Leader In Public Sector And Professional Services

There are two elements to being a Microsoft customer: first, the perennial complicated licensing propositions – particularly with the current transition to cloud environments and the inevitable mix of on-premise/cloud licensing in Enterprise Agreements. This often leaves a lot of unused licenses on the table, even with a strong deployment strategy. This leads to the second problem, Despite strides in the right direction, Microsoft remains a platform player. Modern enterprises are becoming an increasingly heterogeneous environment, with a mix of operating systems and mobile devices. The need for best-of-breed solutions that facilitate the base platform that Microsoft provides, while continuing to leverage their existing investment in technology is key.

Huddle’s expertise lies within collaboration and the enterprise file sync and share markets. Microsoft’s IW platforms, such as SharePoint and the Office suite, remains the de facto standard for information workers globally and provides powerful tools for IT to utilize. However, when there is a business need for heavy collaboration between IWs internally and externally, SharePoint (both on-premise and cloud) lacks in functionality and the agility expected of a modern solution. Huddle augments SharePoint by allowing enterprises to continue leveraging this investment for document or record management, while running external sharing of information and collaboration through Huddle.

While Huddle has a strong presence in many verticals, they lead in public sector and professional services. They work with customers who have strong regulatory, compliance or security needs. While still providing them the business agility to work remotely across firewalls, increasing reactivity to their own clients’ demands.

By providing a secure client portal, Huddle enables its customers working globally with third-parties, to improve their client relations and expand business.With nearly 39 000 people working within Grant Thornton’s member firms, Huddle is used to help their teams deliver distinct, first-class service to their clients. “Our member firm client teams are dispersed across the globe and these teams need important information at their fingertips. We are always mindful of the legal requirements to safeguard client information – but just as critical is our need for these teams to be able to respond to changing client needs immediately and to collaborate in a safe and productive environment,” explains Gernot Hebestreit, Global Leader – Business Development and Markets, Grant Thornton International Ltd.

A huge proportion of Microsoft partners fall into the boutique Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or Systems Integrator (SI) buckets. This market is heavily saturated and hard to differentiate between the various contenders. Companies such as Huddle can provide services and software independently to aid enterprises in becoming more efficient or to augment existing investments in either on-premise or cloud solutions.

With the announcement of Huddle’s $51 million Series D round, and a new CEO to boot, their future is very bright. The shift in enterprise technology is clearly underway, as they see traditional “big business” and governments readily replacing legacy software at scale and embracing a new way of working. Organizations are no longer afraid to try new, innovative cloud technologies and Huddle plans to capitalize on this. Through constant innovation of their product, which fills the gaps in legacy systems, Huddle will continue to emerge as a market leader for the secure collaboration within digital workplace.


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