Hostway: Enabling SMBs with Customized Cloud

For many Microsoft customers, the greatest challenge they face is connecting dots across the Microsoft ecosystem. There are several aspects of this that can cause confusion: Who do you work with to find an end-to-end solution? Microsoft has spent a lot of time on its partner ecosystem, but most partners are very specialized in what they offer. Who do you consult on a specific issue – Microsoft itself, or a niche/specialist partner? This can apply to both finding services and finding support.

Another challenge is architecting, building and maintaining solutions that are optimized across the entire Microsoft platform – enabling companies to take full advantage of connecting SQL, Exchange, Windows Server, System Center and other Microsoft components in one environment. Typically, any customer will have an expertise in one application or system, but not all of them.

Hostway’s expertise is in building scalable, highly available infrastructure to support every functionality customers need to support their customers and long-term growth. Hostway’s knowledge and capabilities are bolstered by a vibrant partner ecosystem – a series of alliances which allows them to create end-to-end solutions supported by specialists in many niches of the Microsoft ecosystem, such as database optimization and migration.

Additionally, Hostway built the first, largest publicly available Hyper-V Cloud in North America, and there’s expertise that comes from constructing and maintaining it. Hostway is also one of the early adopters with their impending launch of their Azure stack[SF1] private cloud offering. This will enable a true private, public, hybrid implementation, fully supporting the Microsoft OS Cloud vision.

Hostway’s multi-tenant public cloud – running Windows Server 2012 R2 – opens the doorway for customers to realize the benefits of cost-effective IaaS offerings and eventually tap into the Cloud OS network, a transformative opportunity for any SMB. Their Hosted Parallels Automation platform provides convenient access to collaborate with other vendors and easily expand their portfolio of offerings.

The hybrid deployment capabilities Hostway offers give customers the chance to split their workloads, remaining compliant while still taking advantage of the cloud and maintaining the interconnectivity between their multiple diverse delivery landing zones.

Hostway’s geographically dispersed data center network enables them to provide business continuity and disaster recovery alternatives for public, private and hybrid cloud environments. A customer can run private cloud on WS 2012 in its own data center, but retains the option of failover into our data center.

With Hostway, there is no standard, cookie-cutter deployment. Customization is their forte, as they strive to provide customers with everything they need and nothing they don’t. Hostway’s technical solution team is well versed in determining the optimal option for any situation.

The relationshipsthat define Hostway’s robust partner network ensure that they bring in a best-of-breed service provider for specific Microsoft technologies.

As customer IT sourcing models move to more of an “As a Service” and “As a Platform,”Hostway is building on their core infrastructure and hosting building blocks to provide a fully managed turnkey infrastructure platform optimized for selected applications as well as providing fully managed application solutions. Hostway is focused on providing the most capabilities they can for customers around their core infrastructure, and letting them focus on what they do best.


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