Herrington Technology: Strength in Brand. Advanced Technology Products, Solutions and Methods.

Herrington Technology provides solutions to help SAP customers win with technology for business. This includes working with customers to understand their business software options and how they can grow their business by ensuring that they get the most from their SAP business software investment. SAP recently announced that over $700 billion of transactions flow through their network making them substantially larger than other networks like Amazon or Alibaba. Herrington Technology helps deliver this $700 billion to the global economy.

Regardless of the client size or industry, value-driven and accelerated business solutions from Herrington Technology are available. The 2015 Herrington Technology product and services line includes premier SAP technology for SAP HANA in memory database, leading business continuity services with smart hybrid cloud managed service provider(MSP) data encryption and data protection. Automated SAP testing using software like IBM Rational, easy SAP data loading with Winshuttle tools. In addition, Herrington Technology new brand label solutions are designed for industry leading success. This includes a pre-certification as-a-service (PCAAS) solution, quality assurance testing process, evaluations and risk management methods (ideal for regulated industries like pharmaceutical and banking) and custom telecommunications Telecom Max Advantage© solution all of which are accompanied by an equally strong 2015 customer centric engagement model. These capabilities differentiate Herrington Technology from “your basic IT firm”, placing Herrington Technology in a new niche with midsize and high growth customers, delivering advanced technology in a way that protects the client’s business investment in SAP and advanced technology solutions.

Herrington Technology also features an advanced technology brand-specific showcase of products and services that further enhances the firm’s delivery model. Customers receive a unique delivery experience with innovative smart options and design thinking embedded capabilities.

Some of the key factors that have helped Herrington Technology gain an edge over their competition include their SAP and non-SAP services in advanced technology products and solutions that strengthen and accelerate the customer delivery model and increase customer return on investment (ROI). This includes vast expertise in many enterprise technologies, architectures, high performance computing, (HPC) and emerging technology capabilities including SAP HANA in memory database technology, proprietary cloud development platforms and security for cloud and cybersecurity capabilities.

Technology is crucial to the success of many high-growth business models around the world. So, it is important that businesses implement their business software in a way that ensures optimized installation, accurate implementation for business growth, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and optimized return on investment (ROI). Herrington Technology proudly provides these niche capabilities to important businesses that recognize these advantages and seek a higher return for competitive advantage. Based on current economic and global factors, the outlook of the company for the next couple of years is conservatively positive. Having weathered some of the very toughest economic business years in the United States, Herrington Technology is uniquely positioned for new growth.Operating through the worst economic recession since The Great Depression, Herrington Technology has accumulated a niche industry footprint, unique technology for business expertise, advanced technology capabilities, a technology research and lab process and industry leading brand know-how. Herrington Technology is uniquely positioned to achieve a sustaining, long-term growth trajectory.

An integral component of a healthy CIO portfolio includes continuous monitoring, performance tuning, efficient maintenance of existing technology products and solutions, use of best practices technology products and solutions and selection of new, advanced technology for “step-up”growth. Through strength in business design, effective and efficient leveraging of both industry and brand label best practices along with SAP best of breed business software, deployment of advanced technology for business solutions, services and products, Herrington Technology delivers at a much higher impact level than many larger competitors.


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