Proceed Innovative LLC: Passionate about Clients’ Success

Today, websites have to be designed for online conversations. Web design and any online marketing initiative starts with the end results in mind and implementing well-defined metrics to measure the success of each online marketing project.

For over a decade Proceed Innovative, a Chicago Internet marketing agency, has helped clients implement successful search engine marketing programs. Using cost effective methods customized to the business. Proceed Innovative delivers measurable marketing results for all clients. Their strategic website consulting team is established in the Search Engine Marketing industry.

Proceed Innovative’s experienced team of professionals creates customized integrated Internet marketing solutions that help clients accomplish their objectives and meet their ROI goals. Proceed Innovative has a proven track record of success and experience to match the Internet marketing objectives and budget of any client.

The team at Proceed Innovative ( is led by Jasmine Panayotov, Managing Partner. Panayotov is involved in all facets of the company’s business, including sales and marketing, financial planning, strategic alliances, international relations and technical operations.

Proceed Innovative has clients in USA and Canada. Their services include web design and development, SEO (search engine optimization), pay-per-click (PPC) and online lead generation (limited to restoration and cleaning industry at this moment).

Usually, the benefits of their marketing programs include increase in website traffic and leads (quantity and quality) and better website ROI. The phone call reports part of the lead generation program are used by clients to adjust marketing budget, measure ROI and train customer support teams.“Clients work with us when they are frustrated to see losing business to competitors because their website is not ranked on Google’s 1st page and potential customers can’t find them,” says Jasmine Panayotov.

Clients work with us when they are frustrated to see losing business to competitors because their website is not ranked on Google’s 1st page and potential customers can’t find them

Key factors that differentiate this company from its competitors include:

  1. The company starts each web design project with an SEO and competitors research and they build the website based on that research to make sure the site outperforms competitors’ websites and converts well.
  2. Proceed Innovative’s employees always stay on top of the technology by conducting regularly scheduled team discussions and attending online training and industry events. The team invests time and resources in keeping up to date with new industry trends and changes and employing out of the box thinking to assure the most effective business solutions.
  3. Proceed Innovative’s Core Values:
  • Be effective, efficient and results-driven
  • Be passionate about their work and their clients’ success
  • Pursue growth and learning
  • Keep their commitments to their clients and their team
  • Keep it a fun place to work and create

One of the major achievements of the company in the last few years is improving their EOS (Entrepreneurial operation system) complacency and getting it up to 81%. That assures higher quality services and using success proven processes to complete clients’ projects on time and on or under budget.Moving forward, Proceed Innovative is planning on expanding the SEO-based lead generation program to additional vertical markets and franchised organizations.

Case Study

Allen Gabe Law, LLC is a law firm that specializes in matters of family law, real estate law, litigation, and corporate law. The goal of Allen Gabe Law, LLC’s website is to provide useful information about their legal services to potential local clients as well as lead generation via forms and phone calls. As a result of the SEO services provided by Proceed Innovative, the website had good local rankings on Google but was developed using old technology and the design was not mobile friendly. The website redesign project targeted the following goals:

  1. Responsive mobile friendly design
  2. Modern business layout
  3. Better and user friendly navigation
  4. Better calls to action

The new web design was launched in September 2015 and showed improved results in the first month of going live. Mobile traffic increased 61%, organic traffic increased by 16%.

It is extremely important to have a website with a mobile friendly design as more internet searches are done on mobile devices than on desktop computers and many mobile users will immediately leave a website that is not mobile friendly. Also Google and other search engines consider the mobile friendly feature a ranking factor.


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