Endiem: Delivering Projects that Drive Sales and Operation Results

Endiem is a registered Salesforce consulting partner founded by Salesforce MVP Geraldine Gray. They deliver smart solutions by working collaboratively and iteratively with customers to develop cohesive solutions to fit their customer business processes. Endiem is powered by a team that includes 4 of the 150 Salesforce MVPs worldwide, as well as 15+ years of Salesforce experience with a passion to do good work for nice customers.

Endiem works with organizations, often in oil & gas or energy, high tech, finance and manufacturing, with as few as two users to as many as 18,000 — and all of them recognize the same problems. They either have an incomplete Salesforce setup that’s not working fully for them or they need somebody who understands the technology to architect and implement a new Salesforce setup. The Endiem team takes a deep dive to understand current customer business processes so they can build a Salesforce to its full advantage.

What sets Endiem aside from other Salesforce partners?

Endiem is a very different type of organization. First, they are selective about the customers they work with.

“Not necessarily in that we only work with those who have success but that we work with companies that want to engage in a partnership rather than for us to be order takers,” says Geraldine Gray, CEO.

Second, everybody on the team is highly skilled and technical in both Salesforce as well as business process analysis. Endiem combines the people, processes and technology of its customers; then those work together in perfect harmony so teams and companies gain efficiencies. Companies typically save money because Endiem takes them out of “spreadsheetland” and at the end of the project customers have a product that works and is easily adopted by the whole team rather than a tool that has been designed for a single set of users.

We do good work for nice customers.

Endiem’s delivery methodology

Endiem works on a hybrid of agile and waterfall methodologies: while this may sound strange, it is an iterative process where meetings are conducted with the customer two to three times a week and during each meeting, Endiem demos what was built since the session and gathers requirements for the next iteration.

For example, the first meeting with the customer is to gather requirements. The next meeting, about two days later, Endiem will have a prototype to show and evaluate. As they walk the client through the prototype, Endiem gathers the next set of requirements for the next piece of work. In the third meeting, they will have two sets of requirements for the company to review.

By the last meeting, the customer is very aware of what’s been built. It’s hard to make a mistake in building a system not fit for requirements and the customer gains an intimate knowledge of their Salesforce and how it’s set up.

Success through efficiency

Endiem works with a number of high-tech customers who use Salesforce to manage their deals from prospect to opportunity to quote to close, but one case stands out using TaskRay, a top-rated native Salesforce project management app that makes post-sale process simple, automated, collaborative and dependable. Endiem organized and implemented TaskRay in a way that automatically triggered creation of a series of projects once a deal closed. The app assigned resources, sent team notifications and provided ongoing instructions for their new customers. Because of the automated workflow, they were able to abandon eighteen inefficient spreadsheets located in different locations and consolidated all information in Salesforce. Endiem’s customer further enhanced efficiency and eliminated a weekly planning meeting which added up to hundreds of hours saved per project.

Endiem (www.endiem.com) has a passion to do what’s right for the customer. They blend the people, the processes and the technologies to deliver creative Salesforce solutions — on time, in budget and with flair.

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