Double Line Partners: Revolutionizing The Education Standards

Double Line Partners is a technical consulting, development, and integration vendor that is revolutionizing how state education agencies build and manage education data systems. The expert team is led by the Chief Executive Officer, Zeynep Young.

Double Line Partners, in partnership with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, developed an education data standard, known as Ed-Fiâ that operationalizes the standard set of data elements defined by the U.S. Department of Education Common Education Data Standards (CEDS).

The introduction of the Ed-Fi data standard into the education market where the Microsoft enterprise technology stack is dominant has enabled the development of significant technical artifacts built upon Microsoft technologies that can be shared, customized and integrated to allow state and local education agencies to modernize their data systems to support the focus on student success.

To date, Double Line Partners has worked with state and local education agencies in 12 states to develop the next generation data system based upon Ed-Fi data standard and using Ed-Fi technical artifacts build upon Microsoft technologies.

The enterprise solutions in education suffer from many of the same problems as other industries: silo’ed implementations,poor data integration, vendor lock-in, lack of extensibility, and expensive to support and sustain,” observed Young.

Double Line Partners is the creator and developer of the Ed-Fi data standard, a comprehensive standard for data interoperability that is currently licensed by 23 states. The Ed-Fi data standard and technical open source artifacts, including an operational data store, data warehouse, and teacher-facing dashboard are built to integrate the many disparate systems and tools employed by school districts.

The Double Line Partners staff have collective decades of experience developing solutions on the Microsoft .Net platform, including web-based and desktop applications, data systems using SQL Server, in both on-premise and cloud (Azure) environments.

Narrating a case study that brought benefits to their clients, Young said, “The Tennessee Department of Education spearheaded the development of the next generation of education data solution – all in the Azure Government cloud”.

The solution uses the Ed-Fi REST API to allow district applications to provide granular data transactionally, in near real-time. The operational data store brings together this data into a single unified Ed-Fi schema that reflects a “single source of the truth” across all directs at any point in time. The identity management system will automatically provision new users in Azure Active Directory within minutes from their being hired and given a specific assignment. Vendors in the state are required to integrate with the state identity and data platform. The resulting system provides a secure and cost-effective platform for integrating state and district education applications.

Double Line Partners provides a unique combination of skills for state and local education agencies, as follows:

  • Experts in education data and representing that data to make it actionable for educators, while maintaining strict control of the privacy of that data.
  • Developers of the Ed-Fi data standard and the Ed-Fi technical assets, allowing education agencies to share and leverage over 100 person-years of technical investments.
  • Experts in the Microsoft enterprise technology stack, producing solutions that are robust, secure and scalable.
  • Solution provider with equally strong stakeholder communication and technical development skills to meet real needs.

Future Plans
Double Line Partners is a catalyst for change in the education technology industry and across state and local education agencies. “Our work with the initial set of 12 states has been driven by the visionary CIOs in those states,” said Young. These visionaries are using data to improve student outcomes and doing more while spending less. This leads to an exciting outlook for the company, spreading this success to more states, and positively impacting the education of millions of students.


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