Digital Firefly: Committed to Decrease the Cost of IT and Marketing Resources

With three straight years of profitable financial reports and an impressive clientele ranging from Fortune 500 companies, the US government and local business, Digital Firefly Marketing has become a company known for getting things The company focuses on helping other companies stay visible on the Internet by making use of the latest techniques in SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing. Digital Firefly has had a business presence in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

The core services offered by the organization include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Web Services. In the first service, assistance is given to website to improve their ranking on Google based on the region where their business is concentrated and the language that the company targets. Apart from the United States and the English language, Digital Firefly has also worked in other languages such as Arabic and Japanese and in countries like UAE and Japan respectively. Increasing search rank can lead to increased traffic and conversions as sales on a website or leads.

In Social Media Marketing, client companies are helped with defining and implementing their social media strategies. This helps them better use their social media as a channel to their website, which in turn increases both links and conversions. And decrease staffing costs as a social media manager has been out sourced.

Over the past half-decade of its existence, Digital Firefly has earned a name for itself by helping clients get found on the Internet by executing in a time and cost efficient manner.

Content Marketing ensures that the client companies’ websites are kept up to date with content, creating content such as blogs, infographs, galleries, articles and other latest content that are capable of pushing the company up when searched online. Digital Firefly also works with companies to design new websites and then develop them into Drupal or WordPress. On completing the building of the site, it is hosted and maintained for the end client while making sure that it is always available and secure.

Over the past half-decade of its existence, Digital Firefly ( has earned a name for itself by managing clients’ digital assets cost efficiently. In comparison to hiring internal resources, the company provides solutions that are much cheaper in terms of managing, hosting, building and marketing website. Another benefit of working with Digital Firefly is the fact that all of their contracts are maintained on a month to month basis. This would mean that if the client company is not impressed with the services provided by Digital Firefly, they have the right to withdraw from the contract with immediate effect. In addition to this, through the use of Basecamp and JIRA, customers are also empowered with the knowledge of the latest progresses made. In short, Digital Firefly works with a commitment to decrease the cost of IT and marketing resources while increasing the traffic to websites, increasing the website’s rank on Google and increasing commerce through the website.

The company has been undergoing a rapid growth phase right from the time of its inception. To ensure that this staff group works to the fullest of their potentials, a system of sharing articles related to latest trends and technology through their HipChat instant messenger is encouraged within the company. Additionally, the designers and developers have subscriptions to a number of periodicals that help them stay up to date on the latest trends. The company looks poised to continue its profitability in business over the coming years. The company plans to achieve this by staying committed to helping their customers gain better visibility on the Internet.

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