Composer CipherSoft: Software that Providesan Automated way to Convert Oracle Forms Applications to Browser-Based Applications

According to Tim Bacci, CEO Daegis Inc., one of the major challenges faced by Oracle customers is the modernization of their Oracle Forms applications. Another challenge is minimizing the impact to the end users when moving from client-server applications to browser-based interfaces.

Composer CipherSoft is a Daegis-owned automated software tool that converts Oracle Forms applications to browser-based applications with open standards based technologies in the Oracle stack such as Java, XML and ADF. It will also convert the PL/SQL within the database to standard Java classes, but this can also be left unchanged in the database. The appropriate code is generated to invoke these program units from the converted Form, library and menu modules. The product is highly automated, requiring little to no manual coding.

Composer CipherSoft provides a wide range of benefits. For example, a large insurance company had a set of custom developed applications in Oracle Forms 6i to help their agents manage the day-to-day insurance operations more efficiently. They had an objective to modernize the presentation layer from client/server to a browser-based interface, and that objective transitioned into the company’s overall IT direction of Java. The converted application was rolled into production with minimal impact to the business as no re-training of the end users was required on the converted application.

The IT organization is using their Java-based resources to maintain and extend the application. When testing the converted application, IT was able to compare the behavior, functionality, and data results of the converted Java application directly with the original Oracle Forms application. This helped streamline the testing process and the communication between the IT team and the end users.

Daegis has knowledgeable and experienced staff with over 15 years of experience in Oracle Forms upgrades and conversion projects to Java.They are an Oracle Gold Partner and part of the Oracle Technology Network. Composer CipherSoft is available as licensed software or as a service to the customer.As an Oracle Solution Provider, Daegis delivers an automated, cost-effective, and fast modernization from Oracle Forms applications to browser-based applications in the Oracle stack.

Daegis Inc. is an enterprise software company that provides solutions to manage, modernize, and mobilize data. They are well positioned to provide a broad breadth of product and service offerings to meet corporate needs pertaining to enterprise information archiving and eDiscovery, application migration and mobile application development. Its customer base includes 20% of the Fortune 100 Companies.


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