CMaps Analytics: Helping to counter SAP challenges

CMaps Analytics delivers modern, cloud geo-mapping software solutions to the entire SAP portfolio. For the last seven years Centigon Solutions, now CMaps Analytics, has built on its success in its SAP BusinessObjects extensions to launch their cloud Location Analytics suite, allowing customers to embed geographic visualization and analysis into SAP and other on premise platforms. From SAP HANA powered Location Analytics, to front-line of business apps, and Business intelligence reporting, CMaps Analytics customers can embed Google Maps simplicity with powerful data visualization and analysis capabilities anywhere.

SAP customers today are in the midst of a digital transformation. The volume, velocity, and types of data are expanding exponentially, specifically with IOT and machine generated data. CMaps Analytics provides solutions that are designed for SAP customers’ increasing demands to better harness location for decision making at all levels; traditionally, this was a specialized set of skills and tools. Driving a more visual culture for distributing and consuming information at all levels of an enterprise, is a key focus for many SAP customers today, and CMaps Analytics is focusing to become the Location Analytics arm to “mapify KPIs.”

This process of building supporting Location Analytics for KPIs is the cornerstone to CMaps Analytics strategy to help customers harness geographic location, proximity, and distance more effectivity. From the board-room down to front-line sales, CMaps Analytics is currently utilized across most industries, lines of business. SAP BusinessObjects is where a bulk share of CMaps Analytics integrations exist today to help customers blend business and location data to get the right information to the right users where they work, how they work.

The Location Intelligence market is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and SAP is investing to grow its Location Analytics abilities with SAP HANA. As these solutions mature, CMaps Analytics role is to push the boundaries of user experience, data visualization, and integration of services like real-time traffic and routing to name a few. CMaps Analytics top projected areas for growth are indoor mapping and analysis for facility management and retail. In addition to specialized solutions for various industries, the expansion of CMaps Analytics’ cloud data services and partnerships will enhance customer’s ability to analyze geography, demographics, and other third party data alongside enterprise data from SAP or even inside of SAP provided mapping tools.

Centigon measures their success based on the successful adoption and usage of CMaps Analytics solutions. Ultimately the number one metric of success for software solutions is user adoption, so their software licensing and growth hinging on customer success is a unique proposition and commitment that the firm makes to customers. Their team is investing in software development, but more importantly education, and infrastructure are to further their customers’ mapify their KPIs and execute faster and easier than ever before.

CMaps Analytics executives are investing heavily on the SAP partner ecosystem and customers in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and selected Asian countries. As they grow the CMaps Analytics cloud, their reseller and consulting partner programs will be a key driver for rapid growth, adoption and success.

For example, a number of HR customers utilize CMaps Analytics drive-time calculations to analyze commute times and reduce turnover during employee relocation events. One CMaps Analytics customers uses proximity based visualizations so sales reps can locate available equipment assets while on-site with customers. Operations and logistics teams can now arm business users with location enriched Business Intelligence without specialized tools. One CMaps Analytics logistics company harnesses CMaps Analytics to monitor and display predictive analytics for delinquent deliveries based on current conditions. From processing and executing work orders, to tracking spend allocation by county, CMaps Analytics suite provides 1 consistent Google Maps experience with powerful Location Intelligence features across the entire SAP enterprise. Through partnerships with worldwide leaders in mapping like Google, TomTom, MapBox, and others CMaps Analytics provides everything needed by an SAP customers to create and embedded Location Intelligence with global coverage from country down to street level across the entire SAP suite.

The customers are most excited about direct integration into new, emerging products in the SAP portfolio like SAP Lumira for data visualization and exploration, and new emerging cloud analytics solutions. Additionally, CMaps Analytics expansion for the end of 2016 include premium data and platform integrations with ESRI. Simplifying advanced geospatial visualization and analysis down to a few clicks is the goal CMaps Analytics set for itself as it accelerates into 2016.


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