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Tal Frankfurt, CEO,Cloud for Good
Every non-profit organization or a higher education institution hopes for a trusted partner that is capable of understanding and exemplifying the transformational impact of Salesforce. With more than a 1,000 Salesforce implementations for non-profit organizations to their credit, Cloud for Good has a proven record with capacity development, optimizing processes, and improving performance. Through their services, Cloud for Good helps non-profit organizations achieve their missions for the future and bring about a greater impact.
During the six years that the company has been in existence, Cloud for Good has maintained its focus on creating a positive change in the world, and not primarily on technology alone. Whether it is the development of a particular technology strategy or the more complex implementation and integration services, the company makes sure that the requirements, timeline and the budget laid out by the client are adhered to strictly. Cloud for Good helps clients focus on improving their services by internalizing their strategic vision and configuring the appropriate technology solutions to deliver that vision.
Cloud for Good is proud of the fact that all of their staff consultants hold at least one Salesforce certification, while many of them hold two or more too. In addition to that, every employee has worked either with or for a non-profit organization as part of prior experience. For the record, the organization has more Salesforce MVPs and user group leaders on their team than any other firm that belongs to the Salesforce ecosystem. It comes as no surprise that Cloud for Good received the Best Place to Work award in 2015 and was named to the Inc. 5000 list for the second yearin a row in 2014 marking a record growth rate of 715%, which the company claims is seven times faster than any of their direct competitors.
In one of Cloud for Good’s Salesforce implementations, the client adopted Salesforce as part of their tax preparation program. This resulted in an unprecedented 66 percent increase over the previous year and they also succeeded in processing over $141M in tax refunds. What was exceptionally commendable about the program was the fact that it moved more than 85,000 low income households towards financial stability. In another instance of Cloud for Good’s success, they implemented a customized solution for an immigration advocacy organization. The solution was built on the Salesforce platform for fundraising, volunteering and program management to allow the organization a 360 degree view of their clients, volunteers and donors.As a result, the organization was able to raise 7 times more donations than the previous year.
The additional services rendered by Cloud for Good include Congregation Connect and Over the Edge. The former allows for the management of a church or a synagogue with the assistance of the Salesforce platform. It is based upona unified data model which is capable of providing a 360 degree view of a congregation. The advantages it brings to the table include real-time data and robust reporting capabilities. The service makes it easier for religious institutions across the world to engage with their congregations, track program performance and continue the process of raising funds. The latter, Over the Edge, allows the extraction, transformation and loading of Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge data into the Non-profit Starter Pack, Causeview, or NGO Connect. This reduces the time by hundredsof hours which otherwise would have to be spent on data migration.
As an organization that has exhibited such tremendous growth since its inception six years ago, the company is ambitious to grow by 15 fold over the next 5 years.
“Cloud for Good was named to the Inc. 5000 list for the second time in a row in 2014 marking a record growth rate of 715%.”


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