Channeltivity: Remaining Focused on the Highest Customer Satisfaction

It is commonly agreed among channel managers that their greatest pain points are staying top of mind with their partners, providing their partners with what they need to be successful, visibility into their channel and actionable information to drive sales. With the Channeltivity Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution, Channeltivity offers the answer to this, as they enable both channel managers and partners to engage anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Channeltivity PRM is an easy to use, fast to set up, cloud-based solution that seamlessly connects to with an installable App package. Channeltivity PRM enables lead distribution, deal registration, Marketing Development Fund management, partner recruitment, partner content portal, joint business planning and a powerful partner management dashboard that can be customized to the specific needs of each channel program.

Unlike its competitors, Channeltivity is fast to deploy, requires no setup services, requires no IT staff and easily configures to meet the specific channel program requirements and workflows that drive channel success. With no implementation service costs, and modular pricing, growing channel programs can implement the tools needed to be successful now, and add modules as they grow. Channeltivity can scale as the channel program scales.

Once Channeltivity is implemented, customers often see exponential growth in their channel. For example, with over 3,000 partners, InFocus was able to streamline the constant flow of one off requests they would receive from partners worldwide. With Channeltivity, they pulled all of their data under one umbrella for their partners so they could go and find the resources that they needed to drive sales.

Utilizing a culture of methodical innovation in an industry that is constantly seeking some ‘new shiny thing’ to capture partner attention, Channeltivity builds software that helps build meaningful relationships. They believe that the channel partner relationships are between people, not between companies, and they are built on trust, shared vision, planning, and understanding of needs and communication. They also believe the best way to be top of mind for your channel partner is to “be progress” for them, and align with the goals of that individual partner and their company’s objectives.

This innovative culture has led to Channeltivity achieving triple digit growth since 2012 while maintaining a 100% referenceable client base. Paired with their methodical innovation, Channeltivity does not “sell” themselves, but rather ensures they are a good fit for their client’s program. This results in a more satisfied customer base.

Channeltivity is fast to deploy, requires no setup services, requires no IT staff and easily configures to meet the specific channel program requirements that drive channel success.

To ensure that Channeltivity remains prominent in the technology industry and continues to grow, they hire smart, inquisitive people and encourage dialog not debate. With this kind of kind of team within their company, they are able to stay on top of technology and channel management changes.

These attributes can all be found in Channeltivity’s CEO, Jason Jacobs. Jason is a serial entrepreneur, visionary leader and seasoned high growth startup CEO. He founded his first startup, CORESense, in 2001. Brought on to Channeltivity as CEO and managing partner in 2010, Jason has driven high triple digit growth since joining.

Channeltivity ( remains focused on the highest customer satisfaction. Based on their current customer acquisition trajectory, they will triple their client base in the next three years. As they intend to add several new modules to expand their offering into other sectors, and keep pace with the changing needs of the tech channel, Channeltivity will be able to reach out to even more customers and continue to thrive in the technology industry.


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