Captivate: Harvesting Industry Revolutionizing Ideas

From optimizing the customer journey to developing strategic content marketing plans, Captivate Search Marketing believes that Search (SEO/SEM) plays an integral role in every aspect of their clients’ marketing plans. Search data typically reveals essential user insights that inform not only client website builds, but also overarching marketing plans. Incorporating Search into the beginning of the Planning process allows strategic decisions to be based on what their target audience wants. This process eliminates a lot of the guesswork typical with other agency models. By simply using real analytics data to inform marketing decisions, Captivate drives results for their clients.

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) being its core competency, Captivate has evolved to offer a full range of digital marketing services. From social media to content strategy, Captivate is an intelligence-driven digital marketing agency with a Search First mindset to drive qualified leads for their clients. While it is common for search engine optimization to be a tack-on event at the end of development, the “It Starts With Search” approach of the company transforms the process and ensures that clients are leveraging all of their available assets. The experienced team at Captivate makes it their mission to pursue solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

To achieve the best work performance within its specialized team of experts, Captivate highly values family life as well as professional excellence

To achieve the best work performance within its specialized team of experts, Captivate highly values family life as well as professional excellence. The desire to provide the best for their families is a source of what empowers the team at Captivate to drive for a culture of professional excellence. Within this framework, the company also obtains the capacity to dream big and harvest industry revolutionizing ideas. The rewards of this high work standard are shown in a 400 percent growth over the last 3 years for Captivate, accompanied with the new acquisition and retention of key business and client partners.

Due to its deadline-driven and constant changing nature, the digital marketing industry is a difficult discipline to excel and thrive. In order to stay on top of an ever-changing landscape, teammates at Captivate have an inherent love for the work they do and are voraciously consuming every piece of news and case studies they can about the industry.

Chris Everett, President and Founder of Captivate Search Marketing (, describes the ethic of his team in a simple sentence, stating “Passion is not something that can be created, only cultivated.”

Chris, who founded Captivate in 2009, is a seasoned Search Marketing consultant with nearly a decade of industry experience. By using both organic and paid strategies, Chris and his team assist brands of all shapes and sizes to grow revenues through increased online visibility. He has a proven track record of planning and executing complex search engine marketing campaigns with varying target audiences and conversion types.

An official Google Partner Agency, Captivate has provided digital marketing consultation for companies a wide variety of industries including education, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, retail, and ecommerce. The company has consulted dozens of businesses in varying verticals all across the United States.

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