Calabrio, Inc: Ensuring Consistency In Quality And Customer Experience

As with all technology, customers struggle to keep up with the pace of change. Businesses operate in a much more dynamic environment today and requiresolutions that allow them to be flexible and nimble, observes Tom Goodmanson, CEO Calabrio.

Calabrio works with hundreds of Cisco customers everyday – and they are at the leading edge of leveraging technology and the network to improve engagement with their customers.

Calabrio brings leading edge technology that enables their customers to bring their customer engagement to the forefront. Business and IT decision-makers integrate Calabrio software into their enterprise to leverage and optimize customer interactions. Calabrio solutions are designed to work seamlessly on the Cisco platform and in many cases, bring unique capabilities when deployed together for customer engagement and workforce optimization.

Calabrio’s most unique skill set is on the development side. The same developers that are innovating Calabrio’s current workforce optimization tools spent the last fifteen years developing the Cisco Computer Telephony Integration tools which today are known as Cisco Finesse. Calabrio has taken this team of developers and their deep expertise with the Cisco infrastructure and applied this knowledge to Calabrio ONE, thereby allowing them to have tighter and deeper integrations to customer infrastructure than anyone else in the industry.

With traditional contact center walls breaking down and every employee engaging the customer, Calabrio’s tools allow the entire company to easily manage and track interactions with customers.With the use of advanced analytics, contact centers now have customer insight in a more holistic way, based on every customer interaction, rather than searching randomly, hoping to gather insights from a sampling of data.

Calabrio’s solutions ensure consistency in quality and customer experience regardless of the channel of communications – voice, email, text, etc.
The organization is very bullish on the company’s prospects over the next several years.

Calabrio has seen their growth rates at approximately 50% per year for the past five years and expect that to continue into the future. By providing best in class customer engagement solutions, and partnering with companies like Cisco, Calabrio will be able to help customers provide outstanding customer experiences.

According to Tom, Healthy solutions companies are those companies that are able to balance customer needs and visionary products to not only help with today’s problems but help anticipate where the industry is going.

Growth companies use all available data to anticipate customer preferences, needs and trends, observes Tom. Analytics make this possible and the results can be impressive, such as the way Netflix used data to determine its current customers genre and actor preferences based on billions of customer interactions.

“Cisco continues to be the world leader in the network and the data center, and Calabrio is very fortunate to have such a strong partnership with a company that emphasizes technological innovation, service and support excellence, and the importance of its alliance ecosystem”, says Tom.

Tom believes that it is important to them as a partner that Cisco watches closely and responds to advancements in areas such as the Internet of Things and cloud adoption.
He is very excited about the entrance of Chuck Robbins as Cisco’s new CEO as he appears ready to strengthen the company’s focus on employee retention and maintain their reputation as a market visionary.

“At Calabrio we too have always regarded our employees, our customers and our innovative spirit as the keys to our success”, concludes Tom.


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