Broadplace Advertising: Providing a High Level of Customer Service in a Traditional Sense

By utilising Broadplace’s instant feedback solution clients are able to deploy strategies 50% faster. This increases customer satisfaction and has lead to high levels of product adoption and success. This, along with Google Tag Management implementation, has lead to 70%+ greater performance.

Broadplace has solved a growing concern
Insights and reporting are a regular issue for the majority of small businesses. Broadplace reporting flexibility provides intervals of both weekly and monthly email reporting which is completely responsive to the device it is viewed on, without attachments or cumbersome spreadsheets to deal with.

This allows an advertiser to view KPIs direct in their email, as well as having real-time access to reports and statistics available through their secure client portal.

Another widely known weakness in the average business is customer service and feedback, which is incidentally another area of strength for Broadplace, who provide a high level of customer service in a traditional sense where other providers do not. They have taken great steps to incorporate this into their technology as a unique selling point.

This differentiates them from the strategy of other providers who do not use technology to improve their customer service, instead relying on either traditional face-to-face account management or phone/helpdesk style support with long waiting times and call centres.

Satisfied customers are the tip of the iceberg for Broadplace’s achievements in the last year, they can add Google Premier Partner Status, Google Analytics Certified Partner status and they were also placed in the Top 5 EMEA Google Premier Partners for client retention and satisfaction. They show no signs of slowing down; their goals for the upcoming years include a further rollout of a more interactive, fully responsive customer portal, cross-device support service to provide 360-degree customer service and 40% growth of their advertiser base.

What is their core offering?

  • Cross Search Engine Project/Campaign Management & Creation
  • Bid Optimization & Campaign Optimization
  • Reporting Software
  • Call Tracking
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Software

They stand out from their competitors by offering a fully managed solution that offers integration into their technology, rather than providing a solution.

Broadplace has created a flat corporate hierarchy to help foster the creation, adoption and iteration of innovative practices ideas and processes

The force behind the operation is Broadplace Advertising’s CEO, Rohit Chugh. Rohit is the Founder of the Logicserve Group, which acquired Broadplace Advertising ( in 2007. At that time, Broadplace was a small set up of about 8-10 people. His vision was to offer digital marketing services to UK based SME clients by delivering optimum performance through the use of technology, strong processes, and skilled professionals.

Under Rohit’s watch, Broadplace Advertising has grown significantly working with over 300 clients in the UK and has become a Premier Google SME partner in early 2015. Rohit’s expertise lies in building and leading teams from the front to deliver a shared vision. He brings a strong customer-centric focus that has helped Broadplace become a Best in Class service provider with high client retention rate.

Rohit is an Industrial Engineer from Thapar University and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, India. He brings in a lot of marketing and management expertise having worked for Unilever and Party Gaming.

Broadplace has created a flat corporate hierarchy to help foster the creation, adoption and iteration of innovative practices ideas and processes. By creating a competitive and highly devolved corporate structure with the company split into self-contained hubs, they encourage and foster each team to share their experiences in-house. Each hub has direct contact with the development team and regular insight into the latest platform releases in a two-way conversion.

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