beas group: Striving Towards Improving Productivity and Transparency

With a team that accounts for more than 25 years of experience and competent know-how in development, implementation and operation of industry solutions for manufacturing, it comes as no surprise that beas has emerged as a premier SAP solution provider. The unique and cost effective solutions provided by the company based on SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA have a flexibility of handling up to 500 users. These solutions for manufacturing companies are available globally through a worldwide partner network covering all the needs of the SME market.

beas pushes its business growth by believing in a continuous optimization process. The company continuously strives towards improving productivity and transparency, thereby bringing about more competiveness and cost savings. Currently, several companies from the SME sector and also subsidiaries of large enterprises around the globe are benefitting from the SAP certified and outstanding manufacturing solutions provided by beas. These solutions which have won several accolades are grounded on 100 per cent SAP technology, right from development tools, SAP ERP ECC integration to SAP HANA.

beas Industry Solutions are (among the on-premise version based on license and maintenance fee) also available as cloud version based on a subscription price model. Some beas modules are also available as mobile versions.

The primary focus of beas’ SAP solutions is towards the business processes and customers’ workflows from a specific industry sector, including praxis-oriented methods and practices. The company is concentrated on providing solutions for discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing, metal and plastics processing, industrial machinery and components, plant constructions, automobiles, aerospace, defence, chemicals, medical devices, food & beverages, life sciences and several other sectors.

The ways in which beas helps their client industries optimize their business varies with the type of sector being dealt with. For example, in the case of Industrial Machinery and Components, companies are being helped with improving development times, improving cost effectiveness and having better logistics. In the case of the Automotive industry, companies are helped in meeting customer demands, keeping up with intense competition pressure, supporting specific compliance and automated processing standards. In the Chemical industry, companies are helped with bringing into effect stringent regulations and traceability, supporting specialized manufacturing processes and staying abreast of fast changing raw material prices.

beas industry solutions are specially designed to make use of SAP Business One (powered by SAP HANA) as a globally available integration platform to build leading solutions for a wide range of industries. The company has been a long time SAP Gold Partner and the leading international SAP Business One Solution Provider and Software Vendor of complete and powerful manufacturing solutions based on SAP Business One for many industry sectors. beas’ clients benefit from highly integrated industry specific application software packages that are also well prepared for the web, mobile and cloud usage.

beas’ growth in the past five years has been tremendous, and the company expects to exhibit the same amount of growth in the coming decade too. Companies, especially the ones in the SME market, need fully integrated and powerful ERP systems with future compatibility for their business and business processes. beas is committed towards supporting these kinds of companies with great solutions based on the SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA, available as on-premise and cloud version. The company understands that the key towards achieving this is to know and understand what a customer requires. More than 900 SAP installations in 40 countries is only certificate of how well beas has integrated itself into the industry. Clients continue to prefer solutions provided by beas owing to the fact that they are powered by HANA or the HANA platform, which is attractive, cost effective and flexible in terms of usage.


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