Beacon Application Services: Continuing To Be the Best at What They Do

According to Madeline Osit, COO of Beacon Applications Services Corporation the challenges faced by Oracle customers similar to what they have always been – dealing with the changes (and regulations) in the market, and the technical complexity of installing and configuring systems to meet toady’s needs, with the flexibility to continue to meet them. It points to Cloud solutions becoming a viable option for many organizations rather than having to structure multiple infrastructures and staff an in-house support team. These conditions lead to the ultimate challenge: creating and executing to a vision. The experts at Beacon strongly recommend organizations create a comprehensive roadmap that they can follow, with clarity of the end state (with interim wins through sprints along the way) and stick to the course and execute against it.

Beacon’s strength lies in bridging the gap between the business needs of their clients and the optimal configuration of the Oracle solutions they implement for them. They have a very deep understanding of the Financial Services business domain (including regulatory requirements), matched with an equally deep understanding of the PeopleSoft suite of applications, along with focused and interdependent solutions (like Hyperion and OBI), and the underlying Oracle technology to seamlessly integrate them into the client’s environment.

Through their experience and expertise the team at Beacon creates an Oracle solution that leverages the functionality and technology without having to engage in extensive customization. Beacon consultants come armed with tools and templates from 20 years of implementing Oracle’s PeopleSoft systems and make it a priority to transfer knowledge to client staff so that they are self-sufficient upon go live, creating systems that are efficient to run and maintain.

Beacon also takes the guess work out of implementations from a technical perspective. Each of their technical consultants has broad and deep knowledge of the entire technology stack and can work with the clients to ensure that they are able to minimize the challenges described above and get the most from their investment.

Madeline believes that it is an unfortunate reality that many of Beacon’s clients still have existing systems with silos of information and business processes that have evolved to fill gaps due to system inflexibility. Therefore, Beacon’s solutions are focused on transforming production workers to knowledge workers. It’s about using the software for what software excels at: transforming, consuming and processing large quantities of data. It’s about using people for what people excel at: taking the results of all this processing and applying knowledge and know-how for analysis, growth, and increasing value to their customers.

Examples would include seamless integration to operational systems, like banking, administration/claims and trading systems through an accounting hub; workflow enabled processes to proactively deliver work to the appropriate individuals; implementing a center-lead procurement organization and systems to reduce overall costs and maximize spend; and delivering a suite of application management software to optimize support and maintenance of their ERP systems.

Beacon’s customers are evaluating the time they are spending and the effort they are exerting on back-office software solutions and want to focus more on the systems that grow their business. Therefore, the future for Beacon will have them doing more steady-state support for their existing clients and/or helping them to move to Cloud solutions which are cost-effective, reliable and secure.

Three words that define Beacon are responsiveness, reliability, and knowledge. Beacon measures its success by their customer’s satisfaction with their new solutions.Moving forward Beacon is planning for steady and managed growth. They want to continue to be the best at what they do.


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