B2W Software: Broadening Initiatives To Create A Bigger Global Presence

The construction industry is a margin-pressured space that is struggling to find and implement technology that really addresses the needs of their business. Business owners need tools that will really move the ball down the field and help control efficiency and profitability. Construction companies have been doing things the same way for years, and as a result the industry tends to be slower to adapt to change and new technology. Getting everyone within a company to adapt to a new, more efficient way of doing things is a challenge that all companies face.

As a premier provider of enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions that are redefining the future for streamlined operations, B2W helps companies overcome the challenges mentioned above by providing a unified platform, called ONE (Operational Networked Elements), of operational tools for estimating and bidding, field tracking and analysis, resource planning and dispatching, and equipment maintenance that are highly scalable, secure, uniquely intuitive and easy to use.

The solutions developed by B2W have enabled enterprises to transform, enhance and optimize their business processes.C.S McCrossan Inc. started using B2W Estimate as a way to standardize their estimates across the board and later implemented B2W Track to manage their field tracking needs. Since having implemented B2W Software, C.S McCrossan has significantly cut down on estimating time and virtually eliminated costly mistakes. With B2W Track they have found a 2% improvement in their labor costs, which, considering their labor costs are in the millions of dollars, is a large sum.

The biggest reason to choose B2W Software for construction (project management) needs is their technology, specifically B2W’s ONE platform -in which each B2W element (elements are Estimate, Dispatch, Track, and Maintain) sits, is the core technology beneath all of their products and truly sets them apart from other software solutions. It is the only truly unified collaborative platform in the industry and is something no one else can offer.

With ONE, each B2W element shares the same unified database that keeps everyone on the same page in real time. So, for example, if a foreman using B2W Track on a tablet in the field updates a piece of equipment to say it is down and need of repair, the folks using B2W Maintain and B2W Dispatch see that information as well in real time.As a company,B2W is able to adapt quickly to meet the needs of clients and can therefore have a more meaningful and responsive relationship.

B2W has worked diligently to enhance their product offerings with the latest cloud and mobile tablet technologies. B2W’s 24/7 support team, located at their headquarters in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, assists clients with technical support as well as usability questions. They are always available by phone or email 365 days a year.

In the coming years B2W Software will continue to deepen and broaden its operational suite to address the full operational scope of the companies that use the software. To support this endeavor, the company will continue to deploy the best and the right technology. Building on their continued success in North America, B2W will also broaden their initiatives to create a bigger global presence.


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