Atum ITS: Catalyst in the Wealth Creation for Clients

Entering transactional data into SAP is easy.SAP ERP has been designed for transactional processing and it excels at that. The challenge lies in extracting this ‘in’formation out of SAP in order to support reporting, dashboards, and operational analytics. In most cases, SAP is confined to being a ‘SystemofRecords’. After carefully examining the customer’s strategy, short-term and long-term business requirements and the current SAP (or otherwise) application landscape, the inventory of applications can be classified based on the broad following categories-Systems of Record, Systems of Differentiation, Systems of Innovation. In the context of the enhancement of the SAP platforms, these three categories need to be further differentiated with respect to User Experience, Ease of Use, Correctness of information, Completeness of information and Timely availability of information.

Atum ITS has different service offerings and solutions in the above lines for all the three categories of applications: For example, for Systems of Records, it is always required to be kept up and running (99.99 % availability) to take the transaction-in (correctness of information) and should always be ready to provide the information required (completeness of information) to aid different sets of business users for taking decisions (timely availability). Business users like to see dashboards which are up to date, correct, complete and ready to present, as opposed to the alternate option of checking the required information via multiple reports and spending the energies on putting together elaborate presentations. They provide services in Systems of differentiation layer, which fulfill these needs of the business.

Ease of access is the crux of every business. Mobility of business users should not be compromised due to the applications used for doing the business. Atum ITS’s solutions and services in Systems of Innovation layer help customers to mobilize the applications and reports and moreover they keep the applications future ready.

The company has implemented SAP Solution Manager’s Test Management Strategy-2, for one of the leading mining companies of Australia, thereby reducing their time to modify the applications in line with ever changing business needs. This needs a thorough testing of the changes to the systems before they are promoted to production. Here, the efforts needed for testing have been reduced by almost 80%. This also brings in ongoing dollar savings in excess of 70% for all the testing efforts of their SAP systems.

For ease of use and for improving the mobility of business users, Atum ITS has implemented Fiori based Apps for Purchase Order approval for one of their customers in the APJ region. The ease with which the business user can approve on mobile devices, whether he is in office, or out on a meeting, has really improved the PO pending backlogs of this customer in a dramatic way.

Along the same lines, the company has upgraded the Syclo system of a Government customer in Australia. This has improved the workforce productivity in a big way as the business users previously needed to visit the physical office for issues related to their passwords and for other administrative issues of the mobile platform. With the upgrade, all these problems were eliminated and the business users’ productive time has gone up.

It has also implemented BPMON – Business Process Monitoring functionality of SAP Solution Manager for one of the retail majors of India.

Moving forward the company would like to be known for their trusted partnership, agility, technological prowess, service innovation and to be an aide in the wealth creation for client’s business.


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