Atrio Systems: Enhancing Client Experiences

Microsoft customers, like any company, must continue to attract and retain profitable customers. Companies’ sales organizations must mature and leverage technology to be more competitive in order to win business, while the whole organization must have a single source of truth for customer information to better serve and retain customers.

Atrio is a sales, marketing and CRM consulting firm. It is also a Microsoft Partner with a Gold Competency in Customer Relationship Management. Atrio has over 25 years experience working with sales and marketing processes, as well as, software used by these groups. Atrio has been working with CRM systems since they were called customer databases in the late 1980s.

Atrio consultants offer the unique perspective of understanding the key success factors for today’s CRM: knowledge of sales and marketing; industry experience in manufacturing and distribution, financial services and insurance, as well as, professional services; a tenured consulting team with technical backgrounds in software development; and a philosophy of starting simple and making CRM a journey, travelling towards success by building habits based on incremental learning.

Atrio has provided real-time sales commissions management inside of Dynamics CRM. Commissions are automatically recorded at time of order entry. Salespeople can now see amounts due to them as well as when they can expect to be paid. The transparency of the system creates immediate and positive feedback to the sales people and reduces commission negotiations and paperwork at time of payout, by hundreds of hours.

Atrio has been working with sales processes and has extensive experience implementing CRM across a number of industries. It focuses on helping its clients improve the execution of sales and marketing plans; focusing on processes and supporting technologies. Atrio, with input from Carnegie Mellon University, developed the sales maturity model – a unique method of assessing and improving the maturity level of sales organizations.

Atrio has the unique capability of assessing a sales organization’s maturity level and recommending a path to more repeatable success. Its consultants are technical experts that are passionate about implementing CRM using Atrio’s agile implementation process. With a team of .Net programmers Atrio can customize CRM to the level needed to streamline processes. As sales and marketing people who know technology, Atrio bridges the gap between business users and IT.

Atrio’s consultants speak the languages of sales and marketing people, as well as, the language of technical IT staff. This ability reduces the number of meetings, miscommunications between groups, and the misaligned expectations caused by it.

Atrio will continue to grow rapidly. Its business will continue to shift to the cloud as companies become more comfortable with having customer information stored in the cloud.

Atrio will continue to develop custom software for CRM to permit them to fit CRM into client’s business processes. It will also continue to enhance its client support services, supplementing Microsoft support with additional technical resources and rapid responses.


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