All Points Logistics LLC: Keeping On Par With Customer Needs

Some of the more common challenges Cisco customers have surround big data, security, and mobility. As companies grow, overwhelming amounts of data must be stored and accessed in order for them to make timely decisions and provide timely data, both within the company and externally. Big Data requires that they scale their infrastructures to accommodate this vast array of data, which in turn creates an increased need for security. Intrusion detection and prevention have always been paramount to ensure the continued security of company and employee data but become even more important as networks grow and mature. Company growth also precipitates a need for increased mobility. With satellite offices, telecommuting, field staffs and scattered customer bases, the need for secure, reliable mobile computing will only continue to rise as time progresses.

As a company, All Points brings over 15 years’ experience, working hand-in-hand with their customers to better understand customers’ ultimate goals relating to networks and systems, in order to keep them on par with current needs and ahead of the game for future needs. All Points employees have extensive hands-on experience in Cisco platform and solutions design and implementation and continuously enhance their Cisco related skills and expertise through training and Cisco workshops in order to keep up to date with the latest technology advancements to provide their customers the best possible solutions.

All Points is currently working with a major DoD Agency, re-architecting their networks to enhance both network performance and security. These networks will be in place for the next 15 years. All Points is also working with one DoD branch to maintain and optimize their existing collaboration capability, while installing additional sites with advanced collaboration tools and is working with a second DoD branch to design, acquire, implement and maintain their existing real-time collaboration system. In addition, they are assisting a civilian agency in the acquisition of Cisco hardware and then implementing that hardware to expand, enhance and optimize their customer’s existing networks.

All Points has a wide array of experience with Cisco product lines and platforms, completing numerous successful design and implementation projects for their federal and civilian customers. Their successful performance and continuous support has created a number of happy repeat customers who keep coming back to All Points—often expanding their scope of work—because they know they can always rely on All Points to not only provide them with the correct solution at the time they need it, but provide forward-looking solutions that will allow them to remain on the cutting edge in the future.

All Points’ focus is to increase their technology base, in order to provide the highest level support of customer needs and requirements, to bring innovation through partnerships that will revolutionize the way customers do business, and to protect customer infrastructures with best-of-the-best cyber security solutions garnered through increased intellectual property and partnerships.

A healthy, vibrant solutions/consulting company is one that listens to customers, working closely with them to not only identify their current needs but to assist them in understanding those underlying technological needs they may be unaware of, then helping them work through their budgetary constraints to assist them in prioritizing their requirements,” observes Phil Monkress, CEO.

All Points’ executives position their company for growth in a number of ways, but their primary goal is to ensure All Points personnel have the right tools and training necessary to give customers the first class support they have grown to expect from All Points.
According to Phil, All Points customers are excited about how Cisco and Cisco products can assist them in having a secure, sound infrastructure in place as they move forward with Cloud, Mobility, Cyber Security and Big Data across their enterprises.


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