Advice Local: Providing Clients with Scalable and Customized Solutions

Advice Local began in 2009 as Advice Interactive Group, as a full-service agency providing services like web design and development, paid search, search engine optimization, and content strategies to small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s). Today, the company caters to agencies, channel partners, large brands and SMB’s that believe in maintaining a widely distributed local presence. In 2011, they were one of the few companies who grasped the importance of local digital presence, and through their technologies platform, Local Site Submit, they worked towards establishing a base in the market. Earlier this year, they rebranded their local search technologies to Advice Local and today, their agency is simply referred to as Advice Interactive. Now, as an organization, they are one of the go-to experts who can keep an efficient tab on any company’s local digital presence, and incorporate more than 1000 new businesses into their platform every day.

The scalability of their technology is one of the prime things that set them aside from other players. While the market is still experiencing a limit from time to time, Advice has been found to operate a scale at scale with little or no limits to output. While most players perfect one system keeping to statistically proven customer responses, their agile teams go one step further and provide their clients with solutions and products that are tailor-made to fit their needs. Advice’s philosophy holds that local presence management is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and their willingness to push themselves to provide clients with scalable and customized solutions set them apart from others.

A client can either resell the Advice products and services as a stand-alone search solution, under their branding, or may ask for an incorporation in their own search solutions. All the products are designed to prioritize the client’s local visibility, with support from both the agency and the technology providing end-to-end fulfilment, complete with white-labelled reports that can be passed on with the client’s branding. These reports are dynamic, revealing serious issues, and helping build a rewarding online presence in less than a month’s time.

Advice has a vibrant culture that recognizes the need of keeping their products and services precise to the industry needs, and reflecting the innovative nature of technology.

They have a vibrant culture that recognizes the need of keeping their products precise to the industry needs, and reflecting the innovative nature of technology. The leadership and managers are empowered to keep the teams up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends. This includes keeping the teams motivated with weekly training, and promoting intra-team relationships through team-building meetings that happen every Friday afternoon. Such practices have proved to be great sources of brainwaves that ideally grasp the curve that the market tends to reflect.

Rather than staying satisfied with accolades bestowed by the industry, or recognitions like Inc500 awards, Advice Local ( believes that their greatest achievement is the scalability that they have maintained in the face of increasing demand and massive traffic on their platform, a feat that remains unparalleled yet.

While they have employees who are mostly self-driven, they provide an atmosphere that encourages intellectual enhancement, and encourage them to attend relatable conferences at local and national levels. The CEO of the company Bernadette Coleman is a frequent speaker at such distinguished conferences, and the gist of the discussions are made available to the employees in the form of presentations and infographics.

Advice Local strives to become a $300MM+ company and aims to lead the industry in the local space in the next 3-5 years. They estimate that this will be achieved in three years, through some consolidation in the industry and large channel acquisition.

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