Adventace, LLC: Where Methodology Meets Automation™

The Adventace Sales Management System (“SMS”) is a Salesforce application that fully automates the processes, tools, and metrics provided in sales and sales management methodologies. This enables sales executives to better drive their sales operation, sales managers to coach their sales people more effectively, and sales people to improve communications with their buyers, increase win rates, reduce the length of sales cycles, and differentiate themselves.

Bob Junke founded Adventace® ( in 2001 with the objective of helping their customers achieve long-term metric-based performance improvement through their comprehensive sales and sales management methodology, Adventace Methods™ (AM). It has been provided in 11 languages to over 600 clients around the world. It has produced results that have included 647% increases in product sales, 575% pipeline increases, 10X increases in average contract sizes, and 33% increases in close rates.

In 2014, Adventace® released the beta version of Adventace SMS. It was – and remains today –the only fully deployed sales and sales management methodology inside the Salesforce CRM.

Adventace SMS is Where Methodology Meets Automation.

Adventace SMS enables sales executives to drive their sales operations top-down by providing them with future-looking performance metrics. These metrics allow early detection and proactive resolution of problems that would otherwise impact results. For sales managers, Adventace SMS provides a complete coaching system that enables them to help their sellers achieve ongoing pipeline balance, assess and resolve problems on opportunities early in the sales cycle, and develop ten skills. Adventace SMS helps sellers differentiate themselves by generating precise, custom buyer deliverables easily and quickly.

“We created SMS to solve a serious problem,” said CEO Bob Junke. “Client CXO’s complained that Salesforce simply gave them bad information faster, and thus significantly impacted anticipated ROI. So we knew we had to do something about that and started building an app using Adventace Methods as the framework. Today it is methodology independent.” Adventace’s clients have achieved ten-fold improvements in key performance metrics along with significant increases in revenue. Alan Facey, Chief Customer Officer at Newforma, said, “We have seen significant global improvement in the metrics that deal with prospecting effectiveness, our ability to call high, and pipeline balance, which in turn has helped our top and bottom lines. SMS has changed the face of my communications with my regional VP’s because we are better able to identify proactively, deal with, and fix sales management challenges before they have an impact.”

We are always in front of our customers helping them run their sales operation better. This enables us to gain valuable insights, which we then translate into both our methodology and application,” says Junke.


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