ABM Knowledgeware: Implementing and Supporting Complex SAP Landscapes

From their several years of experience in the e-governance domain, ABM Knowledgeware identifies the reluctance to familiarize with SAP terminology and the failure to relate SAP solution with the organization structure on the client’s part as some of the biggest challenges that they face as providers of SAP solutions. Another major challenge is the hesitation exhibited by clients to streamline their processes with the SAP ones, as the latter are typically rule-based and eliminates the flexibility/discretion that is available with the manual system. Despite these challenges, ABM Knowledgeware has succeeded in implementing and supporting complex SAP landscapes in several sectors of the Indian government.

By providing their solutions to the government, the company now caters to over 25,000 users. Some of the major visible customization undertaken were involved with RTI (Right To Information Act of Govt of India )applications, introducing Digital Signatures, and online transactions. In the case of RTI applications, the company has reduced the time taken to process the applications by making data available online for citizens. These data include Purchase Order, Billing, Licenses given, validity of Licenses, amongst others. Their implementation has also facilitated the digitized appointments of lorry inspectors in order to avoid allegations of manipulations and favouritism.

ABMKnowledgeware took care of online payment transactions by enabling more than 90% of the transactions to be done through the NEFT/RTGS system which helped the client organizations to reduce the number of payment related queries, improved transparency in the payment system and helped officers concentrate on their main functions at office through the reduced number of cheques. Another service that is being provided is that of Invoice tracking. Through this facility, Contractors can track all of their pending invoices and the status of payments made, through an online portal.

As a service, ABM Knowledgeware provides knowledge of Risks involved during project initiation and offer mitigation plans to clients so that they are prepared for challenging situations. The company helps the government take decisions that are well bound by the laid rules and regulations, and also educates the users about the best practices that are being implemented by other government bodies. Since working with government project naturally implies deviations from agreed plan/approach, the company ensures that all such deviations are anticipated well in advance and suitably addressed when the requirement arises. As is with any typical government customer, ABM Knowledgeware has to ensure that there is enough handholding to enable the institutionalization of SAP projects as compared to corporate customers. The company’s proven strategies of Change Management have enabled them to exhibit a higher degree of success when compared to other IT companies in the segment. The secret approach behind this, as the company claims, is to become a part of the client’s own department and to ensure that every task is executed on time and are not left lying on anybody’s desk.

ABM Knowledgeware has perfected its role as an SAP solutions provider by combining their deep domain expertise along with their technology skills. Despite this, their performance is hampered at times due to shortage of dedicated resources, in the government bodies, for the implementation of SAP processes, which affects the overall quality and timely completion of the projects undertaken. The company hopes to overcome these sorts of challenges in upcoming future. The team at ABM Knowledgeware has spent the past couple of years in perfecting different templates which can be re-used. As for now, the company is excited about the newly launched next generation business suite, S/4HANA built on the advanced in-memory platform, SAP HANA.


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