3V Solutions: With Vision on the Future

“Companies that use SAP have more advanced technologies and cloud based applications than ever to run their operations. Each year the advancement in technology drives the demand for increased efficiencies and lower operating costs. With this comes the challenge of what and how to deploy these emerging technologies to optimize customer processes, minimize risk, and increase ROI,” says Mark Dendinger, Principal,3V Solutions.

Today, 3V embraces the logic that companies must conduct business transformation enabled by digital marketing (DM) and by the Internet of Things (IoT). To take advantage of the digital economy, customers must build a new system of record infrastructure that SAP defines as the digital core. This is where SAP HANA and S4/HANA become the keys to the future in making such changes to the computing platform or core. Without the advancement of the digital core or S4/HANA, customers will not be able to harness the overall productivity improvements.

Mark is also a huge advocate for Big Data strategies. HANA and Hadoop have given companies a great leap forward with the speed of processing data but a Big Data plan must be defined on the frontend to maximize the right data levels, storage and utilization across the enterprise. “We provide the leadership and knowledge to architect these Big Data solutions coupled with powerful analytics through our intellectual resources and technology partnerships with firms such as NEC,” he adds.

3V, which has over two decades of implementing SAP experience, was the first North American Master Value Reseller for SAP and continues to grow their reseller partner base with over 50 companies in their ecosystem. 3V combines both the industry experience and the SAP product knowledge to meet specific customer requirements. Today they are actively engaged in migrating many customers to SAP HANA and to S4/HANA providing a private cloud service in Iron Mountain’s National Underground Datacenter on highly advanced and certified SAP infrastructure through their partnership with NEC. 3V has embraced the SAP Cloud solutions to provide what the customers are wanting today with Success Factors, Cloud CRM, and Concur.

3V was instrumental in one of the first cloud based implementations for McLean, VA based government system integrator Bart & Associates, Inc. (B&A), providing SAP as the core ERP and Dassian as the government reporting system. Since pricing was a major constraint, 3V was able to significantly reduce the overall cost and effort by providing the solution in the cloud. This was also one of the first SME companies to use HANA to optimize process efficiencies.“We were looking for an integrated solution on a single platform with real-time data and analytics. 3V and SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA has given us these capabilities in a single, integrated platform along with many other robust features, enhancements, and the flexibility to expand,” said Jonathan Evans, B&A President.

With the acceptance of HANA in combination with Big Data, 3V envisions much of the market moving to some component of HANA. Its Emerging Technologies business unit has identified significant global technologies to integrate with HANA for more efficient processing in multiple industries. As 3V work with emerging technologies and HANA, they are launching cloud versions of every solution. Customers can access and use these cloud solutions connected to their SAP systems on a global basis.

3V’s goal is to always deliver above customer expectations with the successful delivery and support of those solutions. “We are not just a reseller for SAP but also a solutions company with vision. Our three Vs indicate Vision, Value and Velocity. Our capability to merge and deploy the latest technologies with cloud offerings keeps us as a leader in the industry,” Mark says.


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