Top 5 Cyber Security Trends to Watch in 2020

The world of the internet is never-ending, and the vast amount of knowledge it has inside is beyond one’s imagination. It plays such a crucial part in our daily life and has achieved a vital role in the functioning of the world as everything runs on or with the help of the internet, let it be that payment you made online, the place you work in, classroom lectures, down to the message you sent to your friend. Nowadays internet has become a dire need to sustain and for the world to function efficiently. But there is an opposite side to this as there are a lot of threats it possesses to one as it full of people who are ready to hack in to get personal information, bank accounts, etc. and this is the start of the countless and hideous activities that happen in the cyber world.

There have been cases of applications selling personal data for money to various agencies and companies. We don’t know the amount of information they have as it is hazardous in the wrong hands. With the arrival of 5G, extensive data and information flow would double the continuation of AI integration, lack of skillful cybersecurity professionals, and the world shifting more and more towards automation and cyber dependence. It will be interesting to see how cybersecurity trends will evolve to fight these cyber threats.

The cybersecurity has taken their game a notch up to meet these increased threats and attacks by offering security integrated with Data Science, which allows the data to be integrated with AI algorithms, which would prevent data leakages. Next is the infusion of Machine Learning into the system processing, which will allow better and safe handling of data transfer from one source to another with very few hacking opportunities. The incoming of Extended detection and response capabilities (XDR) that will correlate the data source from many sources to accurately detect the threat and improve cybersecurity operations. Also, new age Antivirus software that will detect ransomware and malware, keeping the systems and their integrity in check, will soon be available to all. The most exciting step is the Zero Trust, which is the world’s strategy as it works in stages right from defining the potential threat, mapping the transactions, building zero trust architecture which shows the control direction, thus protecting the surfaces, creating policies to regulate the traffic in such ways that potential threats will not be allowed access, and lastly monitoring and maintaining the architecture and keeping the system always prepared for threats.

The cyber-world has never been a battleground between threats and security measures. The introduction of the latest systems, huge information, and data inflow, automation on the brink of evolution has increased the vulnerability and threats as there are no foolproof safety measures in place. Also, there is no measure to protect the privacy of individuals as of now, however safety measures, technological enhancements are being done rapidly to have this situation under control, but one always needs to be extra cautious while using the internet as your data can be targeted next.

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