How to Deal with Work Pressure

Since the advent of the epidemic, we have seen a significant shift in the decade-long work ethic, trends and preferences of the past. For the first time, work culture companies have jumped on the bandwagon by allowing their employees to “work from home”, converting conferences to video conferencing. Make employees free to work on their own time and in the comfort of home. However, the question arises as to whether this is a boon towards freedom in terms of work-life balance or a lice in disguise, the effects of which have not yet been revealed or put into practice.

Previous work-life usually consisted of 9-hour shifts where a person had to report to the office and work in a suitable environment, and the work was completed allowing for greater efficiency in terms of the work produced and the management. As the epidemic has hit the world and challenged previous trends undertaken by companies, an important decision is to allow employees to work from home and perform the tasks and duties that they are required to perform. But because employees work from home, companies use this area to their advantage by imposing more work and increasing supply as they work in their work facilities.

Work life is considered as the stress and duty of one’s life. However, as people work from home, they need to be extra careful in maintaining balance as the increase in work will directly affect their stress levels and personal life. Working from home seems exciting, but it’s completely different, it’s challenging to create that environment, and with everything that distracts your view, you have to carefully prepare and follow a routine in this way. This change in working culture has not yet revealed its effects and implications, but one thing that can be said is that it is entirely up to an individual and how that person handles his or her life and work. Some finish work at the same time, some do it by dividing it throughout the day so they can do the chores needed for their homes, respectively.

It is about how you want to handle and create that work-life balance in your life. There is always a way to find the best solution to your problem. However, it all depends on how you take on that problem, with this locking and change of behavior and habits, it is time to find that change yourself and perform the dream of working when you go to exotic places. Whether this change is a boon, or a lice is completely hidden from the way you see it.

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