Where Is My Near Electric Charging Station?

Where Is My Near Electric Charging Station
Where Is My Near Electric Charging Station

Google Maps now shows you the location of the charging stations for your electric car and whether they are currently in use. This functionality is available throughout the United States and the UK to charge points from Chargemaster, EVgo, and SemaConnect. Google plans to add charge point chargers soon.

Google first added EV charging locations to the map last October. At that point, the service will show you the number of chargers in each location, their wattage, pricing, and reviews from other drivers. With this latest update, you can see whether it is in use before you go out of your way to view the charger.

Apparently not from the new list of supported chargers is Tesla’s Superchargers, which were part of the original announcement last year. They are still listed in use; They do not appear to show new real-time charging information. Other charging networks from Source London seem to have been partially mapped by the use of Google.

You can find a list of nearby chargers by searching for “EV charging stations” on Google Maps on desktop, Android, iOS and Android Auto.

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