Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Google Wallet

If you’re a fan of cryptocurrencies, you’re always fussing about where to buy them. Since there are hundreds of channels for cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin purchases right now, we cannot complain about our lack of options. You can buy them from Bitcoin wallets and more in transactions.

You have many options when it comes to paying for your coins. For example, if some people want to pay real money in exchange for their coins, some simply exchange other types of cryptocurrencies they like. You can use your credit or debit cards or pay directly from your bank accounts.

Still not satisfied? You can use any of your gift cards from major online or offline retailers to pay for your bitcoins. How’s that for diversity and convenience? In fact, bitcoins have managed to conquer the market and have never managed any other commodities before. This whole campaign for cryptocurrency has been a major game-changer not only for the financial sector but for the world. We have introduced a currency that could become a central currency of the world in the future.

Google Wallets: Does Google embrace bitcoin?

Have you ever wondered what happens if you combine the two big fanatics that the world is experiencing at one time? Quite frankly, the results are fantastic. That was when the tech giant decided to set foot in the cryptocurrency game. Now you can use your Google wallet to buy bitcoins. With the widespread popularity of the cryptocurrency domain and the ever-increasing influence in the world of Google, you will gain a great deal in this process. While Google does not explicitly deny or accept bitcoin payments on their platform, they are actively advancing the peer-to-peer payment platform, and bitcoin is already a big part of such payments.

Now here are some tips on what to look for in an exchange that allows you to buy bitcoins in your opinion, because this is what we are going to discuss next.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Transactions are basically the sites where buyers and sellers create their own accounts, and then the website manages any and all types of transactions between them. For example, if you are a bitcoin seller, after you create an account on the website, you will be automatically linked to a large list of buyers, they will all be able to view your sales information and they will be allowed to contact you. Thereafter, it is the seller’s obligation to respond to any offer appropriate to them and proceed with the transaction. Similarly, for buyers, you have immediate access to a variety of sellers and their own sales offers. As a buyer, choose which seller you find the best and proceed with the payment to gain access to the bitcoins you have purchased.

But there is a problem with the fact that there are so many different exchanges in the market, that it is quite a task for the average buyer to choose one. You don’t know which service to choose because you don’t enjoy it all. When one of them offers you the fees you are looking for, another can trigger you with proper customer support in case of disputes. But it is your responsibility to choose one that stands true to all of these parameters and excels in a good range of such parameters.

You need an exchange service, which gives you a very low fee because all these services tend to charge transaction fees on their services. The amount of this fee may vary from service to service, but it is usually 0-5% of the total transaction amount.

Next, you do not want to get caught up in the transaction where its customers abandon it after registering. So make sure you sign up for a service that offers some exceptional customer support. This is because when you work with cryptocurrencies, there must be some issues along the way before you fully understand the process. To deal with such problems, you need to have a well-equipped and trained customer support team on your back.

However, if there is one thing that really matters, especially since these are the cryptocurrencies we are talking about, it is security. Whether you like it or not, cryptocurrencies are more likely to be stolen digitally. Hackers escape some truly unique methods that can sometimes be hacked even in the most secure transactions. If you trust your service enough to put your Bitcoins in it, make sure you do a little study on their security protocols so you know what you’re getting. Never rely on a website that has suffered from security breaches in the past or that has not used adequate security measures.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure you have a payment option associated with Google Wallet on the exchange you sign up for. While not all transactions you encounter will host this payment method, the good ones will surely do, and they are what you need to look for.

But don’t worry, you may feel a little overwhelmed after seeing all these requirements, which is why we’re here to help. We’ve gone ahead and narrowed down your search to the best two choices, and now you can easily choose which of the two suits you best.

Ways To Buy BTC With Google Wallet

Local Bitcoins

Local cryptocurrencies are one of the best ways to make local bitcoins available to the average buyer today when it comes to buying cryptocurrency. Special attention should be given to their amazing services when you buy bitcoins through Google Wallet. Established back in 2012, Local Bitcoins are unique in the sense that they are very personal, meaning you don’t have to share your details to make a transaction on the platform.

The popularity of local bitcoins In some countries, it is evident that this exchange is the only channel for purchasing bitcoins. With the flexibility to use a variety of payment methods, one of them is Google Wallet, which you cannot fault. Also, there are no limits on the number of coins you can buy or sell at one time. Another feature you can get when registering for local bitcoins is their unique cash trading facility. These trades are highly organized and usually happen fast and without any hassle.


The next exchange we are going to talk about is paxful. This peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange platform not only accepts Google Wallet as a payment format, but also extends support for payments of about 300 times. They are some pretty specifications for cryptocurrency exchange.

Based in Delaware, United States, Paxful, like Local Bitcoins, does not ask for IDs when making transactions. The service is completely private and there are no instances where customer details have been compromised. The great thing about Paxful is that it is completely free of charge for platform buyers, as quick and easy transactions can be completed very conveniently and quickly. Previous records clearly show that the purchased bitcoins appear as soon as they are paid in the buyer’s crypto wallet.

In addition, the service is almost active around the world, and the reputation that the company has been building for itself over the years has further enhanced its credibility. If you’re still unsure, you can log on to their website and see the names and details of the owners. All that information is kept emotionally transparent to ensure the customer’s confidence in the transaction.


This is all the information you need to know to make an informed decision on the cryptocurrency exchange you want. Make sure to follow our guidelines and always look for the characteristics described above and we are one hundred percent sure that you will not go wrong. But remember, Google Wallet is certainly one of the many options you can choose from, but it definitely shines.

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