The Reason Why Everyone Love Gmail New Tricks

Google releases its latest Gmail for business users in April – the biggest update of all year. “New Gmail” has been released slowly for general users, so that some may choose to upgrade.

Better integration and security

To your surprise and frustration, you can see that Gmail’s rework is … really a good thing. The update highlights new security measures and better integration with your Google. We’ll show you how all the new tricks and functions of the updated Gmail can be used.

Organize Inbox

You can pick from three display options once your account is moved: default, comfortable and compact. These options affect how your emails are tightly packed into a list. Emails with link icons displaying the document’s name and type are displayed in default mode. This way, your Google Spreadsheets or PDFs shared with you can be easily scanned.

Snooze button

In the days of your old Gmail you had to right click on the message in your box to extend the options menu. Now it’s a message to move, edit, label as read / unread, or snooze an email icon for archives. Your favorite alarm clock feature is in your inbox. That’s right. If you get an email on Friday afternoon, but don’t want to do so until Monday afternoon. To snooze button, select the time to open the text. The message will go away until the time is specified, and then returned to your box as new.


To the right of the updated interface model is a sidebar that allows you to access other Google product resources from inside Gmail. Be more productive with apps. By default, the Calendar, Keep and Tasks icons appear with the option to add additional services. You can display your schedule without the hassle of opening another window and using the simple sidebar.

This sidebar is for Gmail compatible resources, so it won’t make much difference if your productivity matters live elsewhere. However, Sidebar encouraged me to play around with the idea that my Google Tasks list should be updated only once.

Gmail enhances email productivity with artificial intelligence. You can also use email to a certain extent offline.

Smart Reply

Your web browser now provides the best response. You already know the Smart Reply when using the Gmail app, which helps you respond to a short, AI-recommended response. You quickly say, “Cool, thank you, with one click!” Or “Awesome! Let’s meet, Sunday!” Messages may seem cool or straightforward depending on the subject, and there is no way to avoid it anymore. However, Google has said in an email that it give an option to derail the way smart responding over the next few months.

Manage settings

If you’ve lost track of your account for busy weeks, Gmail will provide you with automated reminders to follow old emails. Such inspirations, called nudges, pump your email message to the top of your file, and with a small pun next to the subject line: “Sent 3 days ago. Answer? Fortunately, under the Settings heading, you can change the nudges in the Nudges section. Here you can choose which nudges or turn off the feature completely.

You have offline access to some email functions that are particularly helpful for busy work. You can now read, check, delete and organize offline emails. In Settings, you can choose “Enable Offline Mail” If a message is written offline, it will be sent automatically until the Internet is reconnected.

Phishing emails alert

Stable Gmail offers new features to protect your account from threats and protect confidential information. For starters, it is very easy to find an alert against phishing. You may have missed the warning text in the old Gmail app. A banner now placed on the billboard will give you an email with suspicion and you will be encouraged to delete it.

You can also send an email in confidential mode. Emails sent in confidential mode come with an expiration date and allow the recipient to open with a two-factor authentication. The email content cannot be copied / pasted, downloaded or printed, which is sent by the recipient.

Select the Secret Mode icon from the bottom bar to send emails in Confidential Mode. It is a lock and a clock in shape. If you want to delete your email from here, you can set it up.

Revert back to old Gmail

You can choose the old Gmail look by clicking on the gear icon and selecting “Go to Classic Gmail”. The G Suite Group blog post says it will provide you with an older version until mid-October.

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