About us

CiO Story is a business technology publishing house founded in 2014 in Campbell, California. We work very closely with information-hungry CxO’s and keep them updated with the latest news in the industry.

We saw the power of online media and ventured out to create www.ciostory.com which today reaches out to several 1000s of CxO’s, Key Decision makers across globe primarily focusing on Americas, Europe.,.

We publish latest trends in the technologies of the future such as the Cyber Security, Education, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud Computing, etc., written by eminent CxOs, industry experts including our editorial.

We publish promotional sponsor posts/featured posts from the advertisers to increase their visibility in the key decision makers community, thereby increasing their sales/revenue. Please do contact us for the paid promotional posts.

We also do an extensive coverage of alpha, beta, general releases of product launch across technology and Industry verticals including Retail, Automotive, Healthcare, BFSI, Legal, Manufacturing, education.,. We also feature roadmaps, Leaders, revenue models and milestones set forward by companies under the spotlight for investors.

Mailing Address

1999 South Bascom Avenue,
Suite 700, Campbell,
CA 95008, USA
E-mail: editor@ciostory.com


We are publishing articles/informative articles in lot of topics including the following list,

3D Printing Compliance Google Press Release
Cyber Security CxO Perspective Government Retail
Automotive Cyber Crime IoT Robotics
BFSI Cyber Security Legal Salesforce
Big Data Cyber Security  
Big Data Vendors Digital Magazine SAP Technology
Billing Solutions Digitalization Microsoft Telecom
Cisco Education News Wireless
Cloud Computing Oracle


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