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CIO STORY makes an incisive study of the IT trends and equips leading businesses with insights and deep analytics based on the success stories of technology companies that have scaled up by adapting path-breaking business strategies and solutions.

A digital technology magazine focusing on the disruptive power of technology, CIO STORY features companies that have built better growth models with innovative enterprise solutions. Ours is a vendor to consumer approach that bridges the gap between the technology haves and technology have-nots. We facilitate synergy across the technology spectrum by enabling enterprise solutions vendors to showcase their talents on the global stage. We are the one-stop resource pool for CIOs that are trying to be different with a firm handle on their tech strengths. We just don’t talk about what upcoming vendors are developing in their garages.

We shed light on what’s new for enterprises, the enterprise needs, and what keeps CIOs awake at night. CIO STORY is an excellent platform for upcoming vendors to kick-start a dialogue with their end-customers. We believe in creating a new enterprise IT ecosystem that is always ready to serve the next generation of needy customers.

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