Shawn Campbell, Director of Product Management, SafeNet Assured Technologies

Bringing Biometrics to the Tactical Edge of Security – and Beyond

As security concerns mount domestically and abroad, databases are becoming a potent tactical tool, and a growing number of companies are arming the frontline with biometric tools to help identify threats and persons of interest. Down the road, these biometric tools may not only be useful at the tactical...
Basit Hamid, CEO, Elixir Technologies

Elixir Technologies & Tango+

With the 2015 release of Tango+, Elixir has emerged as a pioneer, again. Tango+ is the first communication and content management system engineered for the cloud; and SaaS pricing makes it affordable for more customers. According to Elixir CEO Basit Hamid, other vendors are “still building web services atop legacy...

CXO Perspectives

Herrington Technologies

Migrate, transform and scale up with SAP

The global business landscape is evolving and our day-to-day activities are going the digital way. Today, clients have new requirements for business which include leveraging innovations that harmonize with their business models. Locating the right services is turning into a noteworthy detour for firms that also seek to invest...
Axel Kling, CEO, Snow Software

Improving Visibility of Application Usage

Organizations are paying far too much for the software their employees and contractors consume. In most cases, this is due to poor visibility of application usage across the IT estate combined with a lack of understanding about software licensing terms. Despite the buzz around cloud, software vendor audits are steadily...


The use of educational technology in the classroom continues to increase, with a new report showing that school “spending on adaptive learning technology products topped $41 million in each of the last two years – and it has tripled since 2013,” according to EdWeek Market Brief. The investment and...
Josette Fleszar, CEO, Jigsaw

Why Virtual Training is Essential in Today’s Real World

By Josette Fleszar, CEO, Jigsaw It’s no secret that the majority of today’s society spends an increasing amount of time peering, working, lurking and essentially living on their computers. Although virtual, these computer environments have physical characteristics that are just as real as those of an office space or traditional...

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