Incident Response Tool from Cynet Validates Suspected Breaches and Removes Confirmed Threats

Effortlessly identify, block and respond to all types of attacks on your organization’s network, without the heavy burden of deep cyber expertise and the overhead of multiple products.
Hans Rempel, CEO & Co-Founder, Exosite

Exosite: Acutely Focused On Ensuring Security, Scalability, And Accessibility

Since Exosite’s founding, its vision has been to connect every device in the world in a way that matters to people. Connectivity for connectivity's sake is useless without the analytics, business rules, and big data capabilities to draw actionable intelligence from that data. However, securely connecting devices, making use...

CXO Perspectives

Ryan Brennan, Managing Partner, Fyr Soft

Fyr Soft : Enterprise Consulting Services From The Industry’s Par Excellence

When Texans say everything is bigger there, people smirk. But then, if you look at it a lot of industries – Oil & Gas, Transportation, Health Care, Biomedical and Information Technology – everything sure is bigger in Texas. It conforms to the notion that the Houston, Texas based company,...
Chris Everett, President, Captivate

Captivate: Harvesting Industry Revolutionizing Ideas

From optimizing the customer journey to developing strategic content marketing plans, Captivate Search Marketing believes that Search (SEO/SEM) plays an integral role in every aspect of their clients’ marketing plans. Search data typically reveals essential user insights that inform not only client website builds, but also overarching marketing plans....


In the last forty years, undergraduate enrolment in the United States has more than doubled, while the completion rate has remained unchanged. Students have been taking too much time, been taking too many credits, and have been spending too much money. EduNav Campus has made significant progress in giving...
Allan Zander, CEO, DataKinetics

DataKinetics : The world of Data Performance and Optimization

With more than 35+ years in business, it’s no surprise that DataKinetics has become the global leader in the Data Performance and Optimization Solutions field. The industry—the companies that need help with performance and optimization—varies widely as far as offerings and vertical markets. That said, they all suffer from similar...

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