Anders Gustafsson, CEO, Zebra Technologies

ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES: Helping Enterprises Become as Smart and Connected as the...

The greatest challenge in our increasingly connected world is successfully adopting and leveraging new technology to provide operational efficiency and agility in real-time. Despite...
Steve Simpson, President & CEO, Ethos Solutions

Ethos Solutions, LLC: Solving Business Challenges Through Innovative Applications

Who hasn’t heard similar stories about data Bermuda triangles, operational inefficiencies, and lack of overall tech savviness? Stories about established—and successful—companies collecting vast amounts...
Jeff Goins, President & CEO, Adaptive

Adaptive: Managing The Balance of Transparency and Governance

With the amount, velocity, complexity, and importance of enterprise information growing at an exponential rate, organizations today are faced with new challenges in data...

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Cyber Security Magazine

Issue-1: Cyber Security Magazine

Dear Reader, CIO Story Cyber Security Issue 1 contains the articles written by the following authors, companies, and experts. George Viegas, Chapman University Bill Strang,...

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Cloud Computing

How Cloud Computing will save money?

Cloud Computing helps save money by not buying expensive hardware's and installing it on the site, businesses can order data usage or storage services via the cloud and pay temporary access charges.